Time to Pay Mama’s Rent

My mama said that she owes you the rent for this month and if it doesn’t get paid today that you’re going to boot her old ass out. She offered you her old snatch but you said no. I am here to show you a pussy you won;t be able to refuse, Mister. My dirty old mama ain’t got no money for you, she is just a used up old whore. But the one good thing that came out of that was me… and I am going to pay her rent with my tight little pussy and my sweet mouth.

cum guzzling slut sybil
Let me get down between your legs and grab that cock right through your jeans. Oh yeah, you like me, I can feel it. You like the thought of ramming that hard dick up inside my tiny little slutty body and taking every dime that she owes you out of my hide. Watch as your dick slides all the way into my little mouth, and forget all about that money. I am going to make you wish she is broke every month, so that I come by with this payment

Your grab me rough and spread my legs right there on your dirty floor. I don’t give a fuck what you do to me, just do it like you mean it. You jam your cock so hard and fast into my tight cunt that you make me scream. You know your neighbors can hear, and my mama can probably hear it too, right down the road. She knows her little girl came down here to pay her bill, and she can hear that I am paying it well. She raised a naughty little bitch like me to handle dirty old men like you, and thats exactly what I am going to do…

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