cum filled cunt zoraWhat most people don’t know about me is that I love tattoos.  From the outside I look like a sweet, hot Asian chick. On the inside I am a spicy, hot little ink slut. I have been dreaming up all sorts of tattoo designs that I wanted to get, and even found the perfect studio to have it done.  I called the artist, Cory, and made an appointment to meet and talk about the art.
I drove over the next day to Studio 13 Tattoos.  They are located in a college town, filled with one ways streets and hip coffee shops. It took a while to find a parking place, so I called Cory and told him I was running a few minutes late. I asked him if he wanted anything from the coffee shop as I was right in front of one. He said sure, would I please bring him a chai.  I love chai lattes so I got two to go.  I arrived to the studio about 10 minutes later, excited and out of breathe. I was ready to make my tattoo dream a reality!
I stopped at the front desk, and a handsome, tall, bald, stocky man with a long beard told me that he was Cory!  I handed him a chai and apologized for being late. He smiled and showed me to his room in the studio. He showed me several photographs of previous tattoos he has done and some sketches of possible designs for me. I loved them all! I told him that I wanted a traditional Asian dragon going up my leg done in black and grey.  He asked to see my leg to get an idea of how large of a design to make and set the placement. I had not thought about that part, and was wearing jeans instead of a skirt!
He gave me a knowing glance and said “I have seen it all before, I am a professional. It’s ok”. So I hurriedly kicked off my shoes and peeled off my jeans. I looked at Cory and watched him look me up and down. My pussy twitched in delight at the thought of this man assessing my figure.  He had me turn around and asked me to point where I wanted the tattoo.  I seductively bent over and pointed to my outer leg.  He smiled and said I would make a fine canvass for his art. He went to make a copy of the dragon and said he was going to place the outline on me to see if I liked the placement. When he came back he sprayed some kind of cool liquid over the copy of the design to make the outline stick to my skin. My body exploded in goosebumps as it was cold. “Sorry about that, I should have told you it was cold”.  I laughed and asked if it was ready.
Cory walked me over to a mirror so I could see the outline.  I loved it!  It was larger than I pictured but Cory said it would lose too much detail if we went smaller. Let’s do this! I jumped up and down in excitement.  Cory looked at the clock and said it would take about 4 hours to do – but that the shop closed in two hours. My eyes welled up with tears.  I wanted this tonight.  Cory saw my face and smiled. “Don’t worry, I will stay late so we can get this finished. Let’s get ready”.
Cory had me sit on a special table that looked like the kind they have at doctor’s offices. He put my leg into a stirrup and told me to relax. I took several deep breaths and told him I was ready. He turned on the tattoo machine and I felt the first bites of the needle.  It did not hurt but it did sting a bit. I tried to ignore it and just think of the outcome. About an hour into it, Cory said that he needed to take a quick break and stepped out of the room. I looked over in the mirror and could see the progress he was making on the tattoo. I overheard Cory telling his boss that he would lock up tonight as he had a special client he needed to finish.  I was so grateful for his kindness that I had to think of a way to thank him.

He came back to the room and asked if I was ready for more. “I am always ready for more” I said coyly. He went back to work and I zoned out to the sound of tattoo machine’s buzz. My mind wondered and I found myself fantasizing about fucking Cory. I imagined all sorts of scenarios and before I knew it, I let my fingers play with my excited clit. I sank two fingers into my wet hole and pleasured myself. Suddenly I noticed that the room was quiet. I opened my eyes and Cory was watching me with a wry smile. “You want some help there Zora?” he asked in a husky voice.
I looked at him with wide eyes and noticed that he had put down the tattoo gun. “Would you like to see your new tattoo?”  I smiled and said yes. I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and Cory reached down to grab my hand. He licked my fingers and said I tasted sweet. This wasn’t a dream! I let out a small moan and reached up to grab Cory’s growing bulge. He pushed me down onto the table and unzipped his pants. I hiked up my top and pulled down my underwear.  Cory wasted no time and quickly grabbed my legs and put them over his shoulders. I felt his hard dick enter my aching, wet pussy. He fucked me hard, fast and deep. I met all of his thrusts with equal passion until I exploded in a juicy orgasm. Cory pulled out of my twat and stuck his cock into my accessible ass. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Deeper and deeper he fucked my tight ass until he shot his hot load. Mmmm I love the feel of hot cum in my ass! As he got himself zipped up, he came back over to the table.
He picked me up and carried me over to the mirror. I looked at my new tattoo and was thrilled! I jumped up and hugged Cory and told him that I loved it! Cory picked me up and carried me back to the table. He gave me a handout on how to care for my new tattoo and wrote his personal cell phone number on the sheet.  Now I can’t wait to get my next tattoo!

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