Cum Dumpster Beverly

cum dumpsterI am such a cum dumpster. I love cum. If I could live on cum alone I would. Friday night, I was in a mood. I was drunk and high and I went trolling for cum. I went down to the truck stop and partied with some truckers. I was doing shots of Tennessee whiskey and lines of coke on cocks. I was partying with the brothers. Most of them I did not know. New truckers to me. They did not mind partying with an old skank like me. When they whipped their big black cocks out, I showed them what a cum whore I am. They had no clue that I would be such an exceptional big dick sucker. I took every big black cock in that truck stop balls deep. They were in awe that a skinny tramp like me could handle their huge rods. I struggled for me. They did not realize I was having any problems until I puked. One guy was damn near 15-inches. That was big enough to find my gag reflex. Plus, I am a bourbon drinker not a whiskey drinker and I was drunk. I puked up what appeared to be like a gallon of cum. The guys were laughing. One guy said I bet that skank is such a cum whore she licks it up. He was right on the money. I got on my knees and licked it all up. That is because I am such a trailer park whore.

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