Hot Stripper Sex For Perversions

Perversions are anything out of the ordinary range of sex. Perversions are the things that drive us hungry for a carnal delight. Hot stripper sex is one way to get fulfillment of some perversions. A stripper is a sex object that men (and women) indulge their fantasies in. I am a prostitute, stripper and I love my drugs. I love to fuck. Taboo fucking is the best kind of fucking. Getting high, and horny go with my profession. I drain the balls and wallets of men. 

Yesterday I was out buying a few new pairs of stripper heels for one mans fantasies. He loves the thigh high cheap pleather stiletto heel boots in red. I have another john that likes to fuck me while I wear cowboy boots with spurs. Lastly I have a guy that gift carded me $700.00 so I could find a pair of cheap basic Christian Louboutin Kate’s. I couldn’t resist buying some French silk stockings to go with the Kate’s. While I was cashing out with the heels and stockings I had a preposition from another guy with his perverse desires. He paid me to wear the stocking and leather designer heels and nothing else. I walked around his warehouse flat as he laid there, on the floor stroking off. 


Hot stripper sex

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