Come and Party With This Stripper

Hot Stripper Sex

Are you wondering what a slut like me does on my days away from phone sex? Well I will tell you. I am a stripper on the side and I fucking love being one. No, don’t even try to shape this pole-dancing whore because nothing you say will affect me at all. I love who I am and how slutty I am because I can pay my bills simply selling this ass. Instead of having a dead end 9-5 job that I hate. I have a great job that makes me thousands in a single night.

Stripping and prostitution is a great way to make all the money I need to live my luxurious lifestyle.  I make men cum for me all day long, what more could a girl ask for? Not much because the satisfaction of knowing that men have spent their hard-earned money on me and my fat ass makes this pussy drip. Especially when they cum for me, hard and all over my face.

I slurp up that cum like it were my last meal ever and I make sure not to waste a single fucking drop. Then I bump a hit off your rock hard cock and continue making my men cum for me all throughout the room. There are so many naked men here to fuck and play with I cant control myself any more.

I tear off my clothes then start this orgy like it is meant to be started and fuck everyone at the party. Its so fucking fun being me, I cant believe I get paid to make men cum for me.

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