Stripper Maid Valentine’s Day!

Stripper Sex Stories

I got hired as a strip-o-gram on Valentine’s Day and ended up getting my cunt stuffed full of hard dick! Valentine’s day is always a strange time to be a stripper, we are usually slow at the club but end up working as call girls all night. This year was a little different because my manager sent me on a strip-o-gram call. Nothing I haven’t done it before, usually it’s a quick strip tease and easy cash. I showed up to the address my boss gave me in my slutty French maid costume, I was ready to be in and out, headed back home to a nice evening alone. When I saw the sexy business type who opened the door, I was a pretty relieved, he was handsome… hot actually. I started my routine right there at the door, singing my little song and shaking my ass, doing my best French accent. He thanked me and told me to come in so I could get a tip, I strutted in and within moments he was all over me. He kissed me hard on the mouth and slid his fingers between my cunt lips, he whispered that he had a request for me. Next thing I know I’m fucking my sloppy wet cum filled cunt with a feather duster while he jacked his cock hard to cum in me again. I was so turned on by this sexy stranger and the extra cash he paid me made everything that much sweeter!

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