Cartoon cum dumpster

cum dumpsterI had my cousin over she was staying with her boyfriend at my place. It was a Saturday night, and I had a long week of being a cum dumpster. I was trying to take it slow and not overdo a thing. I was in for a wild weekend. I could see all the drugs and booze they brought over, and I went ahead and joined. I passed out for a few hours and walked in on some noises. It was my cousin and her boyfriend fucking in oversized stuffed cartoon attire. I thought I was tripping from the drugs. I knew both of them were kinky but didn’t believe they were at this level. They both freaked out when they saw me staring. Especially the boyfriend. He tried to stuff my nose with coke and shove pills down my mouth. I wasn’t going to say no to that. I was still so high and was loving what I was seeing. It was oddly erotic. 

Watching both of them on their high binge and seeing them unleash all their desires. It didn’t take too long for me to get in the mix. I think they were trying their hardest to get me so fucked up that I would forget the whole scenario. It was clear as day they were repeat offenders when it came to this fetish. I have seen some fucked up kinky things, but this one tops all the other. I have dealt with threesomes and cuck couples. I have even had my fair share of pissing sex. None of those things gave me shock value like seeing my cousin get fucked by her boyfriend in his cartoon outfit. What made matters even more particular was these were rentals. It made sense now, and I didn’t forget about watching them go at it all night long in their strange attire. At one point I was their creampie slut and had even shown them my fetish of fucking myself with glass bottles. I thought I had extreme desires. I learned I needed to step my game up.

creampie slut hazel

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