Daddy Please Fuck Me

White trash phone sex


Bend me over and spank me right now, you’re all I’ve been thinking of, I want to be fucked ultimately by you. I know that you can make me feel like the day looks outside sunny, cool and free because yesterday it rained like hell. I want those special pills that you have that make me feel free like they did last time. I think that you call them ecstasy and it’s going to be my second time trying them, if you give it to me, I’m so very hungry to get wild. Mommy never lets me get wild she always has something to say but not you, you don’t judge me you please me. I love you, daddy,, only you can understand how much only you can get a grasp on how good it feels to love a wanting and needing daughter. Daddy, you have always been my fantasy, I’ve always wanted to run away with you and make love to you all night long. Daddy, I want you to stick your penetrating cock inside of my hot wet virgin pussy I want you to take me completely. I know I was scared last time but this time I’m not afraid to go all the way. I love you Daddy I want to do more than just slurp on your hard strong manly cock, I want to give you more I want to give you my very essence. Daddy, I know that you want me don’t you think I’m ready because I know that I’m so ready. I’m aching to feel your big fat hard dick taking over my body. My cunt wants to taste your huge beautiful cock meat right now Daddy. Every time I feel your warm breath on any part of my body it takes me over and makes me lust for you. Daddy, I know that I can do exactly what Mommy does I know that I could do it better please give me a chance my nipples are so hard right now I feel like they’re calling you. I want your lips wrapped around my Supple nipples I want you to run your tongue down to my navel gently past my navel until you get to my delicious honey pot. I want you Daddy to dig your tongue inside of my sweet tasty virgin pussy and swirled around.

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