Big Dick Sucker Silvia!

big dick sucker

If I’m known for anything down at the truck stop, it’s that I’m quite a wonderful big dick sucker. I’ve always been good at taking giant cocks down my throat without an issue. Guys always tell me they’ve never been with a whore like me who doesn’t even really gag on their big dicks. If I’m being honest, I really do wish I had more of a gag reflex.  I’d even love it if tears ran down my cheeks while my face is being fucked, too. Something about that just would make me feel like an even bigger whore than I already am, if that’s even possible.

I’ve even tried having two cocks in my mouth at once to see if that would make me gag. It didn’t, but I sure gave it a try. But the best part is that I learned how much I love sucking two cocks at once. Fuck, it made me cum so hard and I barely even had to touch my pussy. Do you think your big cock could make me gag and choke? I doubt it, but you know me – I’m a slut so I would love for you to give it a try!

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