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hooker phone sexAs a dirty hooker you get all kinds of hot requests. One of my favorites as of late has been the desire of a hot guy to smell me. Like really smell me. The sweaty grimy film in my tailbone turns him on incredibly. I rub my finger down that indention and put it up to my nose and take in that most pungent odor. I then let him smell it. I spread my legs to show him my pretty pussy, sweaty from working out and not showering. The smell that rises when I move my legs apart is intoxicating. I finger my wet hole and let him smell. Then I finger my beautiful asshole so he can smell that as well. Sometimes he even wants to sniff under my arms. Getting his nose deep in my arm pits. That womanly, musky odor is fabulous. I love the feel of his nose close to my clit. Lightly grazing it and driving me crazy. I just adore him so. Do you have any fun fetishes you would like to explore with me?

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