Big Dick Sucker Gives Live Adult Phone Chat: Size Matters

big dick suckerI’m a big dick sucker and damn proud of it. I have trained my daughter to be one too. I love cum. The bigger the cock, the more the cum. Sadly, my husband has a small pecker. I never see him anyway. He is a trucker on the road more than not. I sure as fuck have no plans on being faithful. Monogamy not my thing. He is hubby #5 . I was clear that I was marrying him for his wallet not his dick. I wouldn’t be faithful to a 16 inch cock. Variety is the spice of life right?

The latest hubby is living in denial. He texted me today some nonsense about saving my mouth for his dick. He needed a wakeup call. Some live adult phone chat about me being a gangbang whore who needs big cock. So I sent him a picture of the huge ass dick I was blowing while he was driving down Route 66. My daughter was watching me suck on that big cock and decided to help her momma out, so I snapped a picture of the two of us bonding over a huge dick. I texted, “A real cock is more than a mouthful,” with the pic.

live adult phone chatI mean I can fit his dick and balls and a hoagie sandwich in my mouth and still talk normally. Clearly he needs to face reality. I sent him texts all day long of me sucking dicks, fucking , getting covered in cum and playing with my daughter. Saving my mouth for his cock! You want me to save my mouth for your dick well you better have a dick worthy of my mouth and it better fucking stay hard 24/7 because this trashy MILF needs cum all day long.

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