Bathroom Banging

phone sex line evonneThere is something so dirty about how he won’t fuck me any where but the bathroom. He knows that I am a cum slut and will do anything for that thick load of his. Ripping my clothes off and pushing me towards the bathroom, he removes his cock from his pants just in time to piss all over me as soon as we are across the threshold of the bathroom. The feel of his warm piss all over my body is just the prelude and his cock goes from a flaccid piss producer to a rock hard cum giver in no time at all. Sitting on the toilet with a rock hard cock he pulls me to my knees. I know what comes next. I suck his dick getting turned on by how much he loves taking a dump while his cock is in my mouth. Reaching down I rub my cunt getting it nice and juicy for him. He won’t blow his load in my mouth just yet. He has an agenda and I am well aware of what it is. I will lick his ass clean giving him a rim job that drives him close to exploding before he will ram that cock into my wet pussy. It is so hard for him to hold back as he fucks me hard and fast. He knows just when I am about to cum and that is when he pulls out and buries his cock in my ass dumping his load right where he wants it. Time to lick him clean again!

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