Let’s cut right to the chase

toilet sexLet’s cut right to the chase… we’ve got SHIT to do, now don’t we? You want to know exactly what I ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner – hmm? You want me to tell you how I saved my shit for you all day long, waiting for you to call me for our toilet sex. I know that’s exactly what you want to hear and you’re lucky to know it’s all true. As bad as I needed to shit and as much as I wanted to release my hot piss… I waited for you. I knew even if it took all day you would call me and we could enjoy this together. I’ll straddle you, squatting above your chest and ready to tell you about today’s meals as I show you all the shit I have at the same time. I know you love hearing about what I ate as you see and feel it coming out onto your chest. I know you love when I put my pussy right on your mouth and let my piss flow down your throat. I love to hear you slurping and swallowing as I piss in your mouth and moan cause it feels so fucking good. I’ve been holding it all day so there’s a lot and I would love to piss all over your fucking cock. Go ahead and put it in my pussy, it’s wet with cum and piss already… ready for you to fill me up with your cock. And once you’re in nice and deep I want you to feel my hot piss around your cock, my pussy tight and holding onto your throbbing boner. Once that’s done I want to taste my juices all over! Let me suck you cock dry from my piss and shit, and after that I’ve got a surprise for you…but you’ll have to call to see what that is.

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