Anal Alicia Craves Crack

Crack whore anal


The biggest pain in my cum filled call girl ass is the town’s nastiest crack whore anal gaping her crusty, blown out asshole online for advertisement.  Alicia, the most cracked out, chicken headed whore around, has figured out social media and judging by her deteriorating looks and my dwindling bank account, Anal Al’s business was booming like never before.  So I had to take her out.

Here’s the thing.  That turnt out trick thief didn’t just affect my funds, she threatened the health of me and all of my girls and I just can’t have that.  That walking petri dish is a boiling pot of disease, I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes patient zero for any number of never before seen STD’s someday, and do you think these tricks care if they bring her hep C ridden herpes into my happy whore hut?  Hell no, they just want to cum and a lot of them don’t care who gets it out of them!

Some of them are loyal little doggies, though, and were happy to help their favorite whore.  They picked her up offering a thick sack of jumbo’s to take on the three of them.  Of course she agreed and hopped in the car without hesitation.  They told her to smoke crack and fist her ass while they drove to a motel, only they never stopped driving and she never even noticed!  The guys said rancid ass Alicia just kept smoking rock and fist fucking herself, getting more and more gapped out while she gaped out for hours.  

Trick said they left her at some sordid little whorehouse twelve hours west of here.  Hopefully Anal Al will find some sleazy skanks to feed her cock and crack cravings and set up shop there.  I never want to see that piece of trash in my town again.


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