I Need You Baby

dirty phone sexIt is cold outside baby, and I am here all alone. Laying in my bed in a sexy white baby doll just waiting to have some fun. I look down and see my perfect tits and can’t help but to give them a gentle squeeze. A little nipple between the fingers and my pussy starts to get wet. I move my hips around squeezing my pussy lips together, gently massaging my clit. I close my eyes and my fingers start to caress my body. Rubbing my tits and moving down between my legs. Gently spreading my pussy lips apart and reaching for my clit. A little finger action and then a soft squeeze and my hips move forward.

My back arching as my fingers plunge into my soaking wet cunt. I finger myself with one hand and lift my breast into my mouth. Licking on my nipple as I finger fuck myself. I am soaking wet as I reach into the nightstand and grab my big, long thick dildo. Spreading my legs wider and lifting my hips as I push the tip inside me. My tit wet and my nipples hardening under the breeze of the ceiling fan. I arch my back again and push the dildo in and out with both hands baby. Ramming it into my juicy cunt. Want to cum and finish me off love.

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