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Dirty Phone Sex Tranny Cock

I love having dirty phone sex with my tranny cock shoved down some lil sissy fags gullet as I make her choke it down and swallow my load. I’ll certainly ease in and make that cock throb and mouth beg me to let her suck it and beg me to be my sissy faggot cock sucker. I will dom that bitch like the mother fucking savage slave owner the little bitch wants to be owned by. Mmm… you know that little thing in those pretty panties is just oozing for some sexy tranny cock to rub on it. I love the rub my throbbing dick head next to a sweet tight little ass that has been grinding on that butt plug jonesing for some nice big flesh rod to penetrate it and make that pussy throb and clit squirt. Soil your panties for me Bitch and be ready to suck every last drop from Josies big throbbing ladyboy cock like the little faggot dick sucker you are.

Dirty Phone Sex

My Filthy Cock Sucking Sluts

I love my filthy cock sucking sluts and love how shy they get with me at first. You know who you are you naughty boy, and I love to pop that sweet ass cherry of your every time. The way my phone sex sluts suck me off, like cum craving little whores is the fucking best. I am a total cum junky myself, when there’s a big beautiful cock in question. Most of my little faggots have small clitty’s and I love to tease them. It’s such fun to shoot my hot tranny load all over a small dicklett. I’m always up for some mutual cock sucking and anal fucking too! I’m a dominant tranny whore but that doesn’t mean I don’t get off on my share of kinky fun too. A little power exchange is exciting, especially when you think your going to dom me. I will have no regrets in turning the tables and making you my bitch. It’s just what I do, and how I play.

Phone sex sluts


Golden Showers Sex For Filthy Fun

I had a client that looked me up online to get his filthy fantasy fulfilled of golden showers sex with a filthy Tranny prostitute. I fit the bill perfectly and he fit the bill perfectly for my needs also. He was a little man that was loaded and married. Like many married and rich men, he had some dirty secrets, and I was one of them. I loved to take my hose out and piss on him. One of his other dirty secrets was his need to wear women’s lingerie as he played a little cock whore for me. I would piss on him and degrade his trampy rich ass before I really made him my bitch. I had him gulping down big fat wads of my cum after fucking is little whore mouth. Then when he was still begging to suck me some more I slapped his face and took him in the ass. I love my little cum guzzler, I especially luv them as I fuck their little man whore cunts.

Golden Showers Sex

Crack Whore Anal Sex Fix

This redneck trailer park management prick was secretly in love with my tranny cock. I was owning his little white boy ass from the day he realized his mama’s best tenant was a chick with a dick and he was instantly in lust over me. He was so young with those raging hormones and he got a glimpse of me in a bikini sunbathing in my backyard and started jerking off to me ever since. He was always snooping around and one time I invited him in and offered him a hit off the crack pipe. I let him have a few and had so much fun with him then. I had him on his knees begging me to fuck him while he was getting his throat coated with my spunk. I  unloded in his virginal mouth then bent him right over and rammed my near 9″ in that sweet young ass. This boy is such a faggot cock sucker for my sweet shemale cock that I have him bringing me drugs to get some time with me.

crack whore anal

Anal Sex Whore Addicts Love Dick

Admit it, you are addicted to being an anal sex whore for a nice hard tranny dick. The idea of being fucked hard by a big Ladyboy cock with a nice rack is what you jerk off thinking about. Your porn collection and pornhub or xhampster viewings are all foretelling, you find tranny sex to be kinky and the biggest turn on. I will even go so far as to suggest that you have met up with a tranny or two off of the Backpage ads or craigslist. I know you like to party and when you get smoking that rock your dick wants more than vanilla shit. You throb and jerk harder as you watch an ass getting pounded by a sexy Shemale and you close your eyes thinking of yourself taking that cock as you grind on that dildo or a buttplug in your sweet tranny cock virginal ass of yours. I will pluck that ass cherry and let you feel my Shemale jism explode in that sweet puckered manhole.

Anal sex whore

Crack Whore Anal Shemale Hooker

You were away from home doing work in the field. You are always traveling and it’s always the same story, you get lonely and think constantly about trying a shemale. I had a guy the other night that really fed me my crack whore anal sex needs. I love a good dealer with that massive black dick fucking my tight tranny ass. I got my rock and we hit the glass dicks and he told me he wanted me to suck him off. He was curious how a little thing like me could handle a big black cock like his. And baby I tell you this BBC was fat! I worked that damned monster dick so good I got a fucking shower of cum down my throat. I begged him to fuck my whore ass bareback. I didn’t have to beg much though as he was planning on destroying my white whore ass. I fucking still throb over those thoughts.

Crack whore anal

Freaky Phone Sex Shemale Josie

You like it freaky baby, then try some freaky phone sex with a smoking shemale. My sessions are so fucking hot and I have a few good boys that are entranced by this cock and these tits of mine.I bet I can recruit you instantly in being one of your new indulgent jerk off sessions. My cock throbs for your sweet wet mouth and making you a first time cock sucker and making you into an addicted cock sucker even. My shemale cock is beautiful and gets rock hard. My amazing tits are the perfect size and I love taking it in my ass like a good anal slut. I have it all for you honey and even some creamed honey to pay your slut mouth off nicely with. Cum for me cock sucker.

Freaky phone sex

Anal Sex Whore Violates Your Mind

I’m a hot sexy anal sex whore tranny and I am here to violate more than your cock holes, I am going to violate your mind as well. You dig on that cock sucker? I know your craving that bitch mouth to be stuffed with cock and to taste the thick salty spunk load that will take only a few moments because your such a dirty dick sucker. You will continually think about my big beautiful tranny dick and how good it tastes you will be willing to give me that anal pussy cherry also and even begging me to fucking take it. I want your ass virginity and \i want to make you a bitch to my shemale surprise.

Anal sex whore

Your a Cock Sucker, Admit It!

Get down and suck my tranny cock like the cum eating faggot you desire to be with hot tranny phone sex fun. I want to make you a cum eater as I trance talk you into it in a very hypnotic sexy voice. Telling you you love to eat your chode, you crave the taste of cum, you jerk off only to appease your need of eating your own spooge. I will make you swallow my load after load until you confess and prove to me that you really do love, crave and need to eat cum. That itch of  dissatisfaction in life is the lacking of your cock sucking chores. Fulfill the need that hovers over you and start taking cock sucking on as your favorite pleasure, and it’s always easier to give in with a hot, sexy shemale, so submit to Josie cock sucker.

Tranny phone sex

You Need Your Daily Baptism

Cum on with Josie your Ladyboi lover and get your daily dose of pissing sex and toilet play while worshiping my beautiful Shemale dick. I bet you crave my pee like a bitch craves sniffing ass and drinking pee from that furry sheath of her mate, or any of the other strays. You are like a little bitch and you will lick my cock clean of all that golden nectar and worship my cock like it is the Holy Grail of your livelihood. Cum on you know I do hold the very thing you desire most and I hold it well between my legs. My ladyboi parts are everything that kinky mind of yours desires and what makes that tinkler of yours throb. Don’t be shy, I know your secret and you know you secretly crave my cock.

Pissing Sex

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