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Spring break contest

cum dumpsterI love spring break. A cum dumpster like me loves attention. When I was dared to do the spring break strip contest at the club, I went ahead and got on stage. I shake my ass and even got to slip out of my tongue. All the men went crazy. My bare ass was twerking, and my cunt was on full display.

I garnered so much attention. I was invited backstage to a concert. I was able to shake my body for a few rockstars. I love being used and having famous cum on me is the cherry on top. I never say no to fresh cream. I like it all over me especially if it’s from one of my favorite musicians. Being a whore isn’t so bad after all.

Spring time slut


My favorite season by far is spring. I love how the weather is and how nice it feels. It’s not too cold and not too hot. It’s the right temperature to wear little to nothing. I like to tempt all the boys. I have my eye on this cute young boy. I know he isn’t too experienced, but I don’t care. The cunt wants what the cunt wants. My cum filled cunt is always juiced up and fully loaded. I like to stock up on fresh jizz. Something about warm fresh milky nut sauce gets me horny as hell. It is indeed like an aphrodisiac for me. I will get that sweet boys jizz if its the last thing I do. I know I make him nervous and get him all flustered and excited. I like a boy I can teach things to and train.
cum filled cunt

Cum dumpster next door

cum dumpster

I have a cock craving for my new neighbor. I know your schedule and know your wife is gone most the day and night. I barely see her around and once I get a binge going I know I am bound to get into trouble. It’s the weekend, and I am high as a kite and ready to act on impulsion. I knock on your door and shyly ask to borrow your phone. I tell you my phone is lost somewhere and I need to make a call. In reality, I am ready to get you all to myself. I like having the power to put you in complete temptation. I want a challenge. As you try to push me off, you have a raging boner. I rub on it till you can’t take it any longer and you make me your cum dumpster neighbor for the night. Once I am high I have no limits and with me, that’s most of the time.

Glazed and confused

cum dumpsterMy best friend a few years back told me she had a fantasy of being covered in cum. I told her I could arrange that. I had no problem showing her the ropes to being a total cum dumpster. If she wanted to be glazed and confused, I was willing to do that and much more. I am a cum lover and have plenty of guys that come over on any given day. All it takes is one text, and I have an array of dicks at my display. All beautiful all big. I like them hard and long and ready to pump that yummy goodness. My cunt begins to drip thinking about all the cum I am about to be blasted with; I invited my friend over to a fun creamy afternoon. We cum swapped and swallowed. I like bathing in jizz.  We were glazed and confused by the end of the rendezvous.

Cum dumpster at the gym

cum dumster` I am beginning to love my morning routine. I go off to the gym and have a nice session each time. My favorite part of this new regimen is in the locker room. My first week I accidentally went into the men’s locker room. I stumbled across a dozen naked and horny men. They all circled me around. The pack of men were hungry for me and wanted to use me right then and there. It all happened so suddenly that I didn’t even have time to process it at all. One of the things that stuck in my mind was that I was supposed not to think and do. So hoe instinct took over, and I sucked and fucked each of the men in there. I was the cum dumpster for the gym, and I was bound to be that every morning.

Bring It All To Me

anal cum dumpster

The sexiest thing you can ever tell me is that you have lots of coke. When you told me you had party favors, I was dripping wet. I told you straight up”Bring it all to me baby” I want every little thing you can give me and more. My ass pound and anal cum shots are what I live for, You know I was born to be your anal cum dumpster.

The way I ride your dick and swallow your jizz how are you still surprised? It turns you on to see me suck the nut out and rub my cunt. I make you take lines out of my ass crack.

My clit gets extra tingly and very numb from all the blow I rub on to it, I feel the most alive when I am your druggy slut.

Slide my panties to the side

live phone sex

Live phone sex and coke get me instantly horny. When My sister had her fiance over at my house, I was on a binge. They were visiting and crashing at my place. I couldn’t help but be turned on by him. I could tell he was packing downstairs. At the time I was so horny and had become newly single. I knew I shouldn’t have messed with my soon to be brother in law, but I was high from doing a couple of lines. When they came, I was frisky and couldn’t wait to get my paws on him. My sister needed to go to sleep fast. I wanted her to fall under a deep slumber. I roofied my sister so that I could make her fiance my fuck buddy for the night. I was dead set in what I wanted, and I did it, I pulled my panties to the side for him. It was so good feeling him stretch my cunt. You can say I love the new addition to the family.

the family fucker

cum filled cuntMy cousin comes over and fills me up. My cum filled cunt is always best when it’s over pouring with jizz. I am such a perverted and gross whore that I will take cum from anywhere and everywhere. Cum dump of the family is what I like to be known as; I may come from a big incest family and worthless whore. Ruin me my sloppy holes because that is all I am good for, We both know it too, I love when my cousins and my family members see me they know they are in for a treat. They are ready to use m like the slut I am. I Frequent glory holes and its no secret. Getting high and fucking every cock in sight is my motive

The wedding crashers

cum filled cunt



cum dumpster

My cum filled cunt gets an endless supply of jizz during wedding season. My friend Heidi and I tend to disturb the peace and cause chaos together. We are a force to be reckoned with when we team up. Anytime you see the both of us you know trouble is about to happen. We are both naughty and love getting in things together.

We were looking at things to do one day and realized that we could cause damage if we both were to try to crash a wedding we knew about. We made a bet, and as all bets, I have to follow suit and win each one. It is easy as pie; all I had to do was sleep with the groom. Each time we crashed a wedding we both had to seal the deal and fuck the groom. It seemed impossible, but two big tit sluts like us can make anything happen. We sneak in and always have some elaborate story that seems to favor us in a way to get close to the man that’s about to throw his life away and marry some broad. We have done long lost cousin and even wedding planner assistant — everything you can imagine. My favorite is the one where I was pretending to be altering his suit and had him one on one for ten minutes. Its crunch time but I was able to rub one out for him and make him turn me into a cum dumpster. 

Pissy pussy

water sport sexWater sports sex pays the bills. I have a guy that pays top dollar so that I can piss on him. It is so easy to get him to shell out a couple g’s for me. All those benjamins make me happy. I like filling up on my coke habit and having extra cash to hold me the whole month. I met this piss loving freak at the bayside beach. I knew he was looking at me extra hard, so I stuck up a conversation. I knew he had money and I saw an opportunity. Once I figured out he was into being pissed on and sucking and licking pissy pussy I was in like sin. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do if the price is right. My golden shower lover likes to lick my clit and play with my pissy twat till I cum all over his face. I sit on his face for hours after I have sucked the life out his cock. 

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