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Bukkake breakfast

anal cum dumpster

An anal cum dumpster like me lives off of cum. I know my day is going to be great every time I have a bukkake breakfast. I wake up get down to the glory hole a couple towns over and feed my desires. I like being filled and drenched with sticky gooey cum. At first glance you would assume I am a proper sophisticated sweetheart. In reality I am the dirtiest cum slut you will ever lay your eyes on. I have had my holes stuffed by anyone willing to pay top dollar or give me me high quality drugs. Well, to be completely frank I accept all drugs I don’t fucking care. I want to be higher than the skies and when I am in a faded out state I will do all the things I would never do while I am sober. Lol who am I kidding? When am I sober? I’m always high I know how to hide it but I’m always coked out or cracked out and that’s a fact. I enjoy being a gorgeous slut but I also need to be a filthy whore. I will fuck the hell out of your pervy dick as long as you get me the goods. Each morning I am able to be a bukkake bitch I am happy as can be. I know I will always be a cum slut.

Cum filled cunt for the holidays

cum filled cuntHow am I going to pay of my debt? With a cum filled cunt of course. The holidays are here and I know my landlord wants my tight holes again! I have fully accepted my role in life is to be a big tit slut who loves jizz and drugs. I have a pile of debt like no other and of course I’m going to use my good looks and tight holes to get me off the hook. I know I wont look this good forever. My life is in the fast lane and I am enjoying all types of cocks and drugs. I have no self control. I will say yes to all of it and more. I know I will be a cum dump and have fully accepted to not deprive myself from the things that bring me great highs. I have never been happier than when I have the best body high and I am drenched in nut sauce. That is my perfect life being so coked out and horny and fucked.

cum quest

anal sex whoreI have been such a drug fueled fiend. I have done it all been the anal sex whore on campus to giving blow jobs left and right in exchange for blow. Angel dust is my motive and getting high and fucked is all I want. Looks can be deceiving. I may look put together and so beautiful but in reality I am raging for cock and cum and coke. My latest fiasco involved me giving footjobs for cash. I was stroking cocks barefoot and covering my feet with jizz just so I could do a couple lines of H and coke. I thought I hit rock bottom but you never know what that is till you are stroking a fat middle aged mans cock with you feet in broad day light. I don’t know what life has in store but I will do whatever it takes to fulfill my desires like the nasty cum dump I truly am. I know I will always be a drug and cock craving prostitute. I will garner that white trench coat and still be a trashy street walker deep inside.

pay the piper p-cock accomplice

anal cum dumpsterI have been using the same excuses for months now to my landlord. A couple of months ago he let me off the hook. He knows my money goes to my habits. This time my nice rack and sweet cunt isn’t going to cut. It’s time to pay the piper. Being his Anal cum dumpster only goes so long. I had to run the extra mile to keep him satisfied this time. I brought over my daughter. She barely has pubes and could be my younger sister. Was going to have to sell off my young offspring to make his p cock content. I knew he had fantasies of my sweet girl. Every time I would dress her up and take for swimming lessons his cock would pop out of his swim trunks.

This is the result of being a cum slut and drug whore. I lived in a sketchy complex with a p-cock having a landlord. Whenever I try to avoid him, I would seem to find him. I knew he was getting tired of my holes. They are young but not as young as he likes them. It was time to give him the good, and with a couple of lines straight to my nose I instantly became his accomplice. He loved that my daughter was pageant tot. I have done some pretty skeevy things for my drug love. I have stolen my baby girls contest money and use child support to fuel my drug love, and I have attended every orgy in the city. Giving my landlord my baby girls pussy wouldn’t be the last of my lows.

I Can’t feel my face

big dick suckerI can’t feel my face when I am partying like the dumb slut I truly am. I get so high I forget my name and begin to take random dicks. That’s what happens when you party at sketchy places. I love glory holes and orgy parties. I get free coke. I knew early on if I wanted to be high It was going to cost me one way or another. Thankfully I am one hot slut willing to do it all for pretty white lines. I don’t mind being used till my pink holes are stretched. I am a big dick sucker and will snort some lines off your dicks. Its fun and freaky! I never turn good coke or cock down. I will do it all and that’s something I am proud of, I don’t deny my sick tricks and the crazy lengths I will go to so that I can fulfill my highs. My pussy fucks best when I am high as a kite. The moment I get H or some crack I am ready for anything. When I say anything I mean it, I will never say no. I love it when I can’t feel my face or body.

you’re the lucy to my ethel

cum dumpsterWhen times get tough you find out who your real friends are! I have a real friend in holly. Every time we are craving coke we go on cock sucking sprees. We go visit the glory hole and we are two cum dumpsters. The best things in life come in pairs. We have the mutual love for being cum covered whores both high as hell and getting double stuffed too! Who doesn’t want need a Lucy to their Ethel? We are cock fiends and willing to do it all to get what our bodies need. We never stay out of trouble. One time we got pulled over on our way to a gang bang and we were drunk and strung on H. The police officer could see we were messes in dresses and gave us an ultimatum that was easy peasy lemon squeezy. We had to jerk him and suck him off together. We giggled even though we were slurring our words and out of it cock sucking is what we do. We gave him the best blow of his life and he gave the some dope blow too, He confiscates it all the time and uses it as his personal stash. We are double trouble and we always seem to experience something for the books.

Brothel babe

anal sex whoreOne thing I love about Vegas is all the hooking I can do without breaking any rules. Coke comes easy and cash to spend on some more party favors does too, There is never a shortage. Everyday being a brothel whore isn’t the same. All types of adventures happen and things you won’t believe are presented in your face. When I was super young I escaped home and ended up working in a brothel. The party scene was everything I needed and more.My holes were stuffed for the right price and like my clients would say I was the perfect anal sex whore. One day things got a little tricky. The reason I left home was right in front of my face. My gross step dad was visiting and he picked me to make his night. As much as my stomach turned thinking about the cash and cum quickly had me saying yes. I was taking my stepdads cock in a whore house. All for the right price. Toe be a nasty whore you have to put your body out there for all the perks of drug sex and alcohol. I was one nasty party slut getting every buck to get my high. I could see why my mom stayed with this tool. His rod was huge and he could shoot large loads.

Cum dumpster stripper whore

cum dumpsterFor the right fee I’m willing to do it all. All I ever really crave is cock cum and coke and cash. It’s the perfect ending to a long night. Slide a baggy and some Benjamins my way and I will surely meet you up after my shift is over. If you are extra generous I might even take you our to the vip room and show you what a party slut I really am. I want to feel your cock rock hard and I want to empty out that angel dust right on your cock and blow it off and take it all inside. Then I will let you paint my face like the worthless cum dumpster I am. Prepare for a night of fun with a coked out whore.

Best I ever had

cum guzzling slutI saw his rock hard cock from the corner of my eye. I had to help this customer out. I asked him to come out the office I had a copy of the book he needed. I subtly joked about his erection. To my dismay he answered it was only a bulge not a hard on. I gasped and felt a mix of emotions. One I was shocked he wasn’t hard two I was slightly embarrassed three most importantly I was intrigued. I told him I wanted to change that and wanted to see his cock and all its glory and soak up the experience. I knew it was a treat and was a one of a kind cock. I was right! He was flattered, It didn’t take much to convince him to let me take a closer look. His dick was hands down the biggest I have ever seen. I was lucky to be his cum guzzling slut for a few minutes. 🙂  I was not going to let him out of my life. He was a bonafide fuck buddy material.

Stepdads cum dump

cum dumpsterI am fully aware that I have become the cities cum dispensary. I have fully accepted my fate as a cum dumpster. I have been fascinated by cock and cum since I can remember. I had a stepdad with a huge p-cock. My mom would be strung out on H and I would be alone trying to fight off this big hairy man. It was sick but I enjoyed feeling his dick deep inside my young cunny. He would make me do lines from his cock and it was the best high ever. I would feel him jerk his cock on me until he couldn’t take it anymore. I ended up submitting to him and letting him lick my twat till he could no longer hold out his massive cum. He even got my tight ass stretched so young. He would use my bum and would fuck me while my mom was in the next room. It was an excitement like no other. I guess you can say that is the reason I am a nympho whore.

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