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High whore orgy

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My much younger brother has some hot friends who are into some dark stuff. I am always down to hang out with them. I like it best when my brother is not around. I get all the molly and coke from them and let them make me an anal sex whore. Theirs about four of them and they all use their young dicks to penetrate me and make me snort big white lines off their cocks. I love feeling the rush and the high and knowing that I am fucking guys so much younger than me. It makes me feel like a complete cheap whore and that makes my twat wet as can be. I go all out when I take their dicks. I like to feel them pound me all at the same time.

streaming sexy slut

druggy pornI got so fucked up one time I made a bad decision. Whenever I get high I end up getting myself into trouble. I love trouble though. I ended up going on a complete binge with a couple of my friends. They were all hot sluts who are just as wild as I am. We decided to get high and and started to do our own druggy porn. A friendly competition on which one of us could blow the most guys. I had to stream this because capturing it for a lifetime seemed like the right thing to do at the moment. We were all horny sluts deepthroating till we got a mouth full of cum. I woke up up to having a ton of texts and missed calls. Everyone I knew found out what a party slut and whore me and my friends are.

drunk girl fucking on the fourth of July

drunk girl fucking This past fourth of July was insane. I am just now recuperating and its Saturday. I was the drunk girl fucking all the guys in the party. After I got a couple lines of blow I was drinking and letting lose. There is something about coke and alcohol that makes me open sesame and make me fuck anyone in sight. I crave more coke and more cock. It’s quite simple the more I get of something the more I want it. The party was a blur and I can’t even remember how many loads I got in my holes. I know my twat my mouth and bum were beyond busy this past fourth of July. I guess if you can’t remember what happens it almost always means you had a blast.

High like a kite

Drunk girl fuckingcum dumpsterIt’s three in the afternoon, and I have just missed the entire day. I was up partying all night. I was supposed to be sitting, but I woke up in a daze have no idea where my youngin cousins are I remember being offered some blow and some yummy heroine to feed my addiction.

I may have sold them to get my fix. The last thing I remember is the euphoric feeling of shooting up and the mountains of coke that I did hitting me all at once. I didn’t stop there the guys that came over had fun with me too. I was a drunk girl fucking for all the nose candy I could get. I am now in a rut and don’t know where the tots are, but at this point, all I care about is getting high like a kite again.

little white lies and little white lines

cum dumpsteranal cum dumpster

Okay so you have noticed some money from the register is missing? What am I supposed to do fess up? I am not going to fess up you already know the deal. I have a coke habit, and you have been underpaying me. I have so much shit on you like you fucking me and using me while your wife has no idea! I bet she would love to know what you are up to when you say you have a long night at the office. You weren’t working hard and trying to get things done. In fact, you were getting acquainted with your hot coke whore Liberian you were making me your anal sex whore along with someone of my hot friends. Instead of bitching about a couple of the twenties missing why don’t you give me a bonus for every time I have to suck on your puny cock. Keep both of us happy, and I will keep my mouth shut. A bit quid pro quo okay?

Naughty Stripper sex stories

stripper sex storiesbig dick suckeranal sex whoreWe have become quite the nasty trio. Deana, Carrie and I have broken just about every single rule in the book, From strippers to escorts to porn stars. We have done it all to get that wicked high we crave so much. Carrie, Deana and I have so many stripper sex stories to share.

You wouldn’t believe the lengths we have gone to make sure we got those pretty white lines. The craziest stunt by far is raiding the VIP list and contacting those fuckers one by one. We made fifty g’s in one night by one of the clubs most prominent regulars. If our boss found out, we would have been pretty much dead meat.

We worked for a guy who was mafia affiliated and ran the club like boot camp. We would often get ripped off, so we decided to fight back and get our money worth. The amount of money we made went all to our dirty habits and that nose candy that would make every single one of us give up even our offsprings. 

Crack whore

cum filled cuntI have slowly begun feeding my addiction like never before. I have been fucking for coke nonstop. I have a new obsession and thats crack and orgies. I have been an orgy whore for some crack, and I can’t get enough. I like fucking high. Its like I am in a transient state. I know I am fucking and being used. I know my cum filled cunt is being refilled nonstop. I can’t help it. I want more and more of it. I will do anything to feed my high. I have become such a good anal slut. My holes get used up twenty-four seven. I’m to the point where I have even been fucking at work and in my car just for a quick reup.

Pimping my stepsister out

drunk girl fuckingI have been pimping out plenty of youngin sluts lately. I have done just about anything to get my hands on blow. My latest stunt has to be one of my lowest. I have a tot stepsister who I decided to pimp out. I was watching her and knew that she could be my cash supply for the summer. I put up an ad online, and the perves came like bees to honey. It was better than I expected. I got my step sister dressed up. I put some makeup on her and got her looking like a mini slut. It was going great. I promised her I would take her on a shopping spree. I am hoping I can leave a bit for her if not I will trick her and start her early and give her a bit of blow. It’s becoming a cycle I can’t get out of, but I won’t stop. I have been the drunk girl fucking for a couple of lines, and I am now the coke whore pimping out ankle biters. 

Coke whore to the max

Drunk girl fuckingI got desperate, and I shouldn’t have done it, but I did, and I can’t take it back now. Well, I would do it again if I am perfectly honest. I was watching a youngin not much younger than me. Her parents didn’t trust her and didn’t want to leave her alone for an extended amount of time. They trusted cute hazel, They assumed I was a squeaky clean coed, but they had me all wrong.

I knew about their daughter being a whore I could see her sneak in guys at all times. I wasn’t going to judge I always do the same. When her parents asked me to stay there for a bit while I supervised, I thought it would be perfect. I had owed my dealer cash and wanted more blow. I had already given him and his entourage my holes, so that was getting old fast.

I knew tiny Taylor would be a perfect debt payor and would also help me score more angel dust. I got her drunk, and within minutes my dealer and his crew came along. Pretty soon she became a drunk girl fucking for my blow. It was too simple. I’m just a coke whore to the max.

Eye candy and nose candy

cum dumpsterCum guzzling slutPhone sex line

I got into escorting because I need to supply my coke habit. In this field. What better way to get some nose candy? Being eye candy would supply me endless amounts of coke and some other stuff too.I met two of the nastiest whores I could find. Deanna and Carrie both showed me the ropes of fucking for large sums of coke. I was so deep into my coke habit I didn’t care about cash as much. I knew every penny I got would go towards some angel dust. It was nice to see two nasty filthy whores like me who don’t mind cum dumps for some angel dust.

I was prepared to do anything to get my high. We had an even to go together. All three of us were going to to have to be the entertainment for a private party. When we got to the place, it seemed off, but our love for pills and coke kept us going. I thought I was going to be a cum dumpster. I was wrong. The client that booked all three of us was going to give us all the coke we wanted, but we’re going to have to work for it.

We were going to have to get gang banged by all of them and finish the job by being fucked by their four-legged friends while they recorded every second of it. I almost backed out, but I knew what I wanted was that high, so all three of us got used and fucked and pretty much tortured. 🙂


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