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Blowjobs behind the bookshelves

big dick suckerI’m a big dick sucker, and I like it. I don’t think there is ever a wrong time to suck on a yummy cock! I love balls in my hands and cocks deep in my mouth. I want to tease the tip till I see precum ooze out. Yummy, there is nothing sweeter than cum in my opinion. I like all types of loads. I want to see how they look. Some are translucent some are opaque, but my favorite it loads are creamy chunky and white. I was at work, and I dead set on having a cock in my mouth. I had this guy flirt with me all day, and I suggested he go to my break room. I went to take him, and I realized the door was locked. I must have locked the keys in the place. I was so desperate for his dick I just decided it was a must to have his cock in my mouth. I took him behind some bookshelves and went all in on his cock. I never thought I’d be so desperate for cum that I would risk it all to feel a hard dick deep in my mouth, but here I was feeling it in my mouth deep.

Boss in charge

prostitution pornThe prostitution porn was blasting in the background, and I could feel strong body on me. I felt his cock pushing my cunt and feeling him grunt. I hated him so much, but I was just so turned on. I’ve never done anything I don’t want to, but he somehow convinced me to let him fuck me. It was an entire plot for him to get what he wanted from me. My pussy was dripping wet as he was thrust into me. I was moaning and groaning, and he was enjoying hearing me and even told me he knew I wanted his cock. He got so intense he also started to choke me out while he was plowing my cunt. I passed out and came right back to conscience and I came so fucking hard. I was pretty much addicted to his cock by then. I have always been the more dominant one, and this experience put me in my place.


Now I am his anal slut who is willing to give him all my holes whenever he desires and craves it. I even have a ton of tasks to do anything he wants I do. I wear whatever outfit he needs me to wear. I love this new relationship with my boss in charge.

Promotion please

creampie slutcreampie slutcreampie slutMy boss already knows about my extracurricular activities at work during my breaks. I couldn’t help it but get caught. I know very well how quickly it is to get caught doing something you aren’t supposed to do. I just became so addicted to having all types of cocks and being filled that I carelessly let my guard down and ended up being caught red-handed. I wasn’t sorry, and I had to do something to get out of the mess I created. I had to give my sweet young pussy as a peace offering to my boss. As he said It I was giving it away, he might as well have some. I thought I paid my debts and was going to be in the clear. Well, I was wrong. He wanted some of me, and he tried to make me a creampie slut. I wasn’t thrilled, but I knew I wasn’t in no position to argue. He ended up sweetening the deal with a full promotion, and I just had to let him make he cum whore. I was just thinking about all the extra money I’d get with this promotion while he was putting his small cock in me. For such a little dude he cums pretty hard, and I love cum, so it was a pretty snazzy deal.

Hidden camera

cum filled cunt

On my breaks, I have an appetite for cock and cum. I like to take one of the customers bring them to the back room and get real acquainted very quick. I found a cute guy with a nice cock and I had him fuck my mouth and thought I was going to end my day, but I was wrong. My manager had been watching me for a while, and he asked me to come to his office. He had built a secure place to put a hidden camera. I got flustered and red when he realized I was such a fucking whore. He causes to the chase and told me if I wanted to keep my part-time job where I would have to let him fill me up till he gave me a cum filled cunt. That was a way to easy. I had no problem taking the bosses cock. It wasn’t as meaty and juicy as I hoped but at least I get to keep servicing the customers that peek my interest. Its a total win for me.

Valentines cum dumpster slut

Cum dumpsterValentines was a smooth sailing kind of day for me. I had about two dozen cocks jerk off on me. I invited some of the guys from the local glory hole for my lunch break to shoot their cum loads all over me like the cum dumpster slut I am. I can’t say it enough the feeling of being drenched with cum drives me horny as can be. The real messed up part of the situation was that all these guys were using me then I went home to my boyfriend and let him taste all the residue of other men on me. It was so good to have him eat my pussy when just hours before it had

endless loads of multiple loads. I can’t believe he didn’t even notice, or maybe he did and just loves the aftertaste of cum filled pussy, Either way, it was a valentine to remember. Next time he needs to be in the same room to watch dozens of guys dispense on me.

Cum slut

cum dumpster

I dumped my boyfriend because he was such an idiot. I moved along to his cousin. I hated that he never gave me the cum I desired. I’m a little cum dumpster who wants to be drenched in creamy why cum. I love having my tits out on display. I like to have a lot of loads right on them, and if you are lucky, I will let you enjoy my cum covered tits. The more loads, the better. My ex-didn’t like to cum on my tits or my face. He wanted to cum in a condom or my pussy no other method. I couldn’t stand it. Also, his cum shots were super weak. You can’t blame me for being cum slut who immediately left him for his cousin who knew what I liked exactly. His cock wasn’t the biggest, but his cock would serve up massive amounts of creamy white cum. I was hooked. I wanted that he would invite all his buddies and make me a bukkake slut. I love having guys get in a circle around me and dispense me with their yummy loads. Fill my face and tits, please.

Work break

Anal sex whoreI love my new job because I have the best private break room to myself. I get a couple breaks a day,  and I spend a lot of time In my private break room. I have even made it part of my style with all the cute accents I have brought. I have some electronics them and some cool gadgets to entertain myself. I brought my favorite dildo so I can fuck my ass hole like the anal sex where I am. I love riling myself up at work and looking at porn while I get a couple of minutes to myself. I like to have a lot of people around when I go on my break; Something is exciting about the riskiness of the whole thing. I love going in sometimes I even leave the door to unlock and start rubbing my pussy with a big dildo, and  I fuck my cunt hard. I like playing with my clit as I get soaking wet and start to hit my g spot all on my own. I have gotten pretty good at cumming over and over again while on break.

tinder slut

cum guzzling slut

I downloaded this tinder app and started to fuck around with it. I had a lot of guys reach out to me and were trying to have fun and have a good time. The curiosity got the best of me, I saw this guy who was pretty cute, and I was attracted to, we exchange a couple of messages and finally decided it was time to hang out. It happened so fast we decided to meet at my job at the library I work at, I was closing up he came up to me he was not as cute as he was on his profile and he was very obnoxious I immeditely let him know I wasn’t up to hangout, he wasnt having that, he pushed me into my office and tried to lock the door, I told him someone was going to hear us and that there was a lot of people upstairs, he told me I was a stupid bitch and that he wasnt Dumb he knew no one was around and that he wasnt going to fall for my game. He shoved his cock into my mouth and started to make me choke on it, and he was making me a cum guzzling slut right in my office. He pulled his cock out directly on my face and filled my face with all his jizz. He immediately left, and I felt so used, but at the same time, I was so fucking wet and excited like a dirty slut.

My sisters boyfriend

Big dick suckerI have always had a sibling rivalry with my sister Lilith. She was the opposite of me she was blonde tiny and fair skin and looked like one of those model bitches on magazines. Lilith was a genius too. Lilith Ultimately went to study to become a dermatologist. She was in medical school, and I was working at a library on campus during the day, and at night I was stripping because I needed real cash flow. I was always the whore and she was the dainty princess. I had an arrangement with a sugar daddy to meet up at Seattle;

My Airbnb was a disaster, so I hit up my sis who was staying in a lovely lavish apartment while she attended school. I got there, and I was not up for her whiney voice, but I sucked it up. I was greeted by this guy that peaked my interest. I pieced the puzzle together; my goody two shoe sister was living in sin with her boyfriend. My parents would be ever so disappointed. I giggled and in my head kept a calm composure and introduce myself to her new boyfriend. My sister was out doing errands and must have forgotten we planned this out; I wasn’t wasting any time. I made conversation with her boyfriend who ended up telling me more than I needed to know. I was making him nervous

I was wearing almost nothing. I had on a strapless dress that was short and showed off my cleavage. I liked that my sister’s boyfriend was checking me out. I got closer to him, and we were on the topic of hidden secrets, he said his name was Kelly, but he went by his middle name Ashton because he hated how girl it sounded. I giggled and told him something that slipped right out. I said well I’m quite the big dick sucker. Ashton replied really? Why don’t you show me what you got, I did more than show him. I had complete satisfaction knowing I was sucking off my sister’s man. His cock was beautiful, and I was already thinking about all the fun we were going to have. 

Cum Dumpster

Cum DumpsterCum Dumpster is really putting it mildly. I am much more than that! I am a nasty dirty whore. I expect more than your cum. I expect you to pull my hair. I expect you to make me scream! I want it hard long and fast!  This morning I got woke up to a nice surprise my boyfriend invited some of his friends over to “wake” me up the right way. They just jumped on me! I had a cock up my ass and in my pussy! They fucked me till I was gaping! Then ass man came so hard! I knew it would turn on my boyfriend so I spread my cheeks really wide so he could see me getting pounded and cum dripping out of my gaping ass! He treats me good so I try to repay the love!

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