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Lacy is a Special Woman


My kind heart led to heartbreak I just got this new girlfriend who I am really turned on by. She is so fucking hot, I can’t stop thinking about how we hooked up you see sometimes I’m a bit of a slutty cunt carpet muncher. Her legs are long and golden tanned, and she waxes every fucking part of her silky sexy delicious body with the exception of those natural thick long Blonde flowing locks that fall to her tight bubbly ass. I’m in complete nasty lust and tonight I am going to get what I have been waiting patiently three weeks for. We went back to her place because her apartment is a sex toy land, she’s got all kinds of fuck me chairs and sex paintings. I was so got damn filled with sexual energy I wanted to lay her down on her fur rug and tear the black pin skirt sight off of her and go at that muff like pigs go in on slop. She kept teasing me until my tongue was all the way down her throat. I attempted to go for that pretty little pussy but she stopped my hand like she was a fucking virgin. She grabbed my hand and turned me onto my belly flat she opened my ass cheeks and dug her tongue deep in my shit hole and kept munching me making my cunt leak in joy. All of sudden Lacy moved from my ass to my cum filled pussy and started licking and sucking me until I was shaking. I was in pure ecstasy and before I could turn to look at Lacy spellbinding eyes she drove a huge hard throbbing cock into my asshole and grabbed the back of my neck. I couldn’t believe it Lacy was a Pre-Op.

Professor Davis

My younger sister Kelly has been getting bad grades lately since her soft supple breast have grown in and she doesn’t know what to do about it. If she doesn’t get her grades up my parents are going to lose it with all the cash, they shed out each and every month for the little brat’s education. Kelly got another D and I can’t take it anymore I’m going to have to talk to Professor Davis I will do anything to help her get her grades up. Mr. Davis, I hate that my sister’s grades are slipping and I’m afraid that she may flunk out. I really need to know what I can do to get things back together for her. “Well Kelly, her parents have worked very hard to pay for the best education for her, I think she hasn’t been applying herself to the fullest, and she will have to allot of work to make it up.” There was a strange thing happening though when professor Davis was talking to me his cock seemed to get so hard in his pants. I felt like I could do some extra credit work for the little slacker to get her grades up. I was about to show professor Davis how badly I wanted and needed to help my sister get an A and after I finished with the professor he was going to be giving my little sibling good grades from then on.


Dirty Bitches Always Win


My beautiful sister and her sweet little perfect ass, golden blonde locks and sweet bald pussy makes me want to slap her sometimes. I tell her all the time she’s cute but being a fucking prude isn’t sexy at all.  My sister thinks she’s just fucking perfect and all the youngsters love her to tease but she has this huge crush on one of them and I think she’s going to let him pop that tight cherry. The problem is this twat thot little self righteous corked cunt bitch is always running the poor lad in circles. “I’m going to be his first too” she likes to brag and say, it really gets under my skin. Lacy if you don’t fuck your little boyfriend some other dirty little bitch is going to slide right in and fuck his virgin cock like a cowgirl hell she might even wrangle that studs cock in her mouth and deep throat suck it, he won’t ever be the same again. I couldn’t help it, I laughed as I blurted out what do you think about that cute tush…


He would never sleep with a dirty whore just to lose his virginity, I know him he’s scared, she said with confidence girls frighten him. Are you sure about that cuddle butt, I’m just joking with you pretty girl don’t you listen to me I’m the worst.

At that moment I made up my mind to get loaded up with her little boyfriend’s sweet cum loads just to show her how dirty bitches always win.



Dress Up Pretty for Dirt Sake

sloppy wet pussy

I’m going to twist your cock into knots because you deserve it you little fucking twat bot… I want you to put this little powder pink satin teddy with white lace trim on.  I want you in full make-up including couture, blush and nasty whore red lipstick. I’m here for that tie you up fantasy and I am the most skilled wouldn’t you agree my sweet little tiny peter, lol… You make me laugh so hard when I see you attempt to walk like a true sexy diva. Your not a diva though right Wilson, your just a skinny little twerp aren’t you? I want an answer Wilson or else! I love when you cry out that you are a Diva wanna-be and beg me to stop pointing at your itty bitty pitiful penis.

I want you to repeat after me, I Wilson am the leader of the little dick people and I am owned by Mistress Cleo. Now twist that tight little sweet-butt around like a good whore. Get your pouty ass over there and slip into those 6 inch powder pink wet leather heels it’s time to have some fun with you. I’ve got some guy friends coming over and their going to be getting frisky with you and by the way they just got out of prison.. I hope you are ready for the sadistic sexual insanity that is about to befall on you my sweet man-cunt cutie. One more thing you answer to Candy-butt from now on. There is going to be jizz-juice everywhere..

Your Little Nasty Sweet JuiceBox

trashy milf

I knew I wanted to sleep with Mommy’s man from the first time I saw him he was a big strapping big dick horror and he loved me. We call him Big Jim Big Jim is the nastiest fucked-up individual that you can ever meet Big Jim has been looking at my tiny tight little ass for at least five years. Now Mommy is making the big mistake of leaving Big Jim alone with his hard dick and her little lot lizard slut of a daughter.

Mommy has got an all day appointment to meet so I will be alone with Big Jim. Oh, how lucky I am I can’t believe it I finally got the chance to be the sluttiest dirtiest lot lizard whore I can be, don’t worry I learned it all from my lot lizard nothing ass mother. Well look at Big Jim I had to pretend like I was cleaning up in order to get his attention. I was wearing a pink tight little spandex skirt and no panties I’m sure Big Jim loved that. I decided I have got to tease Big Jim to get him moving on me. I shook my little ass in Big Jim’s face he noticed I wasn’t wearing any panties I could see his hard cock starting to throb and get even harder oops my hand accidentally touched his bulge in his jeans. Oh, look at Big Jim he’s so hard for my hot little slutty cunt.

Well, Big Jim decided to tell me since I accidentally touched his bulge he should return the favor and touch my hot sexy salacious wet juice box. It was on Big Jim didn’t waste any time stuffing his tongue into my hot twat. Oh God it was so good you wouldn’t believe the things that big Jim did to me he did so many nasty things to me and I love to tell you all about it call me.

Fitting Room Fun

phone sex line As soon as he greeted me I could feel the moisture in my panties. I went straight for the skimpiest, sexiest lingerie in the store. Heading for the dressing room with an arm full of hot ass nighties and a wet cunt, I called for him to assist me. Handing off the bundle of clothes I took one nightie in with me. Peeling off my clothes I could smell the scent of my pussy as I changed. Stepping out to model it for him I could see his dick growing in his pants. I licked my lips and pushed him in the small dressing room and began rubbing his cock through his pants while kissing him hard. He grabbed my hair and ripped the bottoms off before shoving me against the wall and shoving his throbbing dick inside my slippery cunt. It felt so good to be fucked right there, not knowing if we would get caught or phone sex

Love Black Cock

gangbang whore We all have a special fascination with black cock. The way they glisten when they are wet. The dark color and huge veins and the size…..dear Lord! Not just the length but the girth. I have no reasonable explanation for why they are so fucking big compared to white guys but they sure as fuck are.
I have always fantasized about getting gang banged by a room full of well hung anaconda dick.
To have a bunch of big, thick black dicks shoving in every fucking hole available. Big dark hands grabbing me and pulling me in a thousand directions, each one wanting a piece of me.
And to top it all off, all that thick and creamy fucking spunk covering me, pouring our of my body from where I have been filled up to the point that not one more drop will fit inside of my body. I love big, black cock. I can not lie. It takes two hands to handle a whopper.

Dirty Panties

phone sex line You didn’t hear me come in. You are so in to what you are doing that you don’t even notice me standing there watching you. My hands have long since found their way to my wet pussy as I watch you sitting on the floor of the bathroom. The dirty clothes hamper is empty and dirty clothes are surrounding you, covering the floor. A pair of my dirty panties is in your hands. Your holding them up to your face, inhaling the fragrance of my musky cunt juice. You moan as you stick your tongue our and lick the dried up juices trying to reconstitute them. Your dick is rock hard and dripping pr-cum as you grind your ass into the floor a dildo shoved deep inside of you. Your fucking yourself and daydreaming about me. How many times have you done this that I don’t know about? How often do you slip into my bathroom and worship my dirty panties all alone? I am so tempted to let you know I am there and put my wet cunt on your face. Instead I turn and walk away, leaving you to your fantasies until another day.

Slippery When Wet

phone sex line Looking at my reflection as I sit with my legs spread in front of the mirror. I choose the shortest cut off jean shorts I could find. My pussy lips hanging out of either side of them are begging to be sucked. the thin piece of material hiding in the slit of my cunt is already soaked with juice. Coupled with my black bathing suit and black heels I am so ready for the PSO (phone sex operator) car wash.
I arrive a little early to help set up and the first car to pull in is a sleek, black Mustang with white racing stripes up the hood.
I take the hose and wet the beauty down. She is so slick that I can’t help myself. Laying back on the hood with my legs spread I place the hose on my clit and create pressure as I place my thumb over the opening.
The force of the water on my clit sends a tingle up my cunt that causes me to squirm with delight. My eyes are closed and i am lost in the feeling when suddenly I feel a mouth on my pussy and I explode!
Who’s car is next?

A Day By The Pool

phone sex line cleoIt was supposed to be a cook out with just us. It had been a long time since we spent some girl time together. We were long over due for some cunt on cunt action.
We were well into our time together, pretty fucking drunk and naked by the pool when we heard something behind us.
By the time we realized it there were four guys standing there with cocks out and standing at attention.
Before we could say anything they were on us and the gang bang was on and popping.
Dicks were in our faces and rubbing against our pussies and asses.
Being cum sluts and cum dumpsters by nature, we didn’t even try to stop them or fight it off.
They thought that they were going to take what they wanted but we gave them more then they bargained for.
When they were done we finished our evening licking each other clean and laughing at how they thought they had actually done something….

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