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Jerk Yourself With My Wet Panties

Cum guzzling slutYou’re a horny mother fucker and I want you to sit in front of me and jack off your throbbing cock with my soaking wet panties. First off let me shove them in your mouth so they’re gagging you down your fucking throat, I want you to tell me how delicious I taste while you suck on my juices! I want that tongue of yours going wild while you eat me up! Now take them out of your mouth and let me wrap them tightly around you rock hard dick. Haha, the look on your face is fucking priceless you dirty, filthy pervert! Let your eyes roll to the back of your head while I stroke you up and down! Your pre-cum is already oozing out of your mushroom head! You ready to bust that big load for me? I want you fucking begging me to make you shoot out your sperm all over my wet thong! Oh yeah that’s it! Let me feel all of that gooey wetness from your cock cream! It’s so white and milky, it stains my red panties perfectly! Yummy!

Eat My Yummy Ass

Anal sex whoreIt’s impossible for you to eat my pussy without eating my ass too, that shit goes together just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! That’s right, bend me the fuck over and eat my pussy and booty hole like it’s your last meal, I want to see how you ravage me from the inside out! Don’t you wish that I was riding your dick like the slutty ass bitch that I am?! I know that I sure do! Make me dripping wet with that wet tongue! I’m horny as fuck and I want you to take care of my sexual needs you filthy mother fucker! Dominate me from head to toe! Let me be your personal slut! I love being naked, I look so fucking delicious! Slobber all over my dirty cunt, I want your saliva dripping all over me! Guzzle my fucking cum down your throat, gargle it for me while you taste all of my ass juices! I know you love getting wild with me you pervert! I’m just an anal sex whore that loves being treated like a nasty ass slut!

Guzzling Cum With A Straw

Cum guzzling slutI fucked this guy the other day and he busted so many loads of cum, it was literally the most that it’s ever been with any guy I have ever hooked up with! We grabbed a bucket and he began to shoot his gooey cock cream into it as we watched it fill up with pure pleasure! We had a good 24 hour fuck fest and that bucket was nearly full by the time that we were done! We sat in his trailer on the couch and he got me a big straw which I dunked into the bucket of baby batter. It was so warm and milky, but it tasted like shit! He drinks a lot of beer and chews on a lot of chewing tobacco so naturally his sperm is going to taste foul as fuck! What can I say though, i’m a filthy cum guzzling whore and I love to drink it down! Best believe, I swallowed down every last drop! The feeling of being a cum filled cunt as it swims around all up inside of me is so fucking sexy!

Two-Way Mirror Fucking

Cum dumpsterI went grocery shopping the other day and the manager of the grocery store kept eye fucking the shit out of me as I was walking up and down the aisles. He was hott as fuck and I was horny as fuck so of course my slutty ass just had to take advantage of the given temptation! He told me to follow him to his office, so I listened like the good cum dumpster that I am. When we got inside, there was a two-way mirror where we could see out while the customers shopped but they were not able to look in and see us. It was the perfect setup for us to get nasty as fuck! He bent me over so that my tits and face were smashed against the mirror and he ate my asshole and pussy like a champion. I was moaning as I slid up and down the mirror, my nipples pinching on the glass! I was dripping wet with his saliva and he shoved his cock deep up inside of me, stretching out my slutty cunt slit wide! He was balls deep as they slapped against my pussy lips, so sexy! When he busted his load of cum, he pulled out and shot it all over the mirror. I rubbed it in and played with it with my juicy tits as it drained down the mirror! Our dirty little secret!

Wash My Panties With Your Mouth

Cum dumpsterI have a big ass load of dirty panty laundry and I need everything cleansed thoroughly! I’m not going to use a washing machine to clean them this time, instead I want you to use your wet tongue to scrape them clean of all of my pussy juices and bodily fluids! I know you go crazy whenever you taste me so this is the perfect task for you to do for me! Let me dump my entire laundry hamper of soiled, skimpy little panties in front of you and i’ll let you get to work! Some pairs are much dirtier than others, haha what can I say, i’m a filthy ass cum dumpster! i’m sure there is going to be lots of dried up and crusty cum stains smeared all over the crotch on a lot of my panties, i’ve always enjoyed the feeling of the g-string fabric sliding between my wet, tight pussy and ass crack after a big nut has been busted inside of me! You fucking love how delicious I taste and I know you’ll lick my naughty panties sparkling clean! When you’re done soaking them in your saliva, help to put them on to me so that I can wear them while they dry! Show me how well you can put that sexy mouth of yours to use, dirty boy!

Trailer Trash Whore Exposes Herself

Trailer trash whoreI’ve always been known as the neighborhood trailer trash whore within my trailer park, and rightfully so, i’m a dirty, slutty ass bitch! Everyone know that i’m a wild child and never know what to expect when it comes to my sexually devious antics! When i’m bored at home, one of my favorite things to do is expose myself to all my neighbors as I hang out of my bedroom window or when i’m chilling on my porch. I love causing chaos and seeing the look on everyone’s faces as I bounce my juicy titties up and down and bend over while spreading my ass cheeks open wide, showing my gaping asshole for all to see! I really don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks, the shock factor that people have when they see my perfect naked body is what really gets me going! The youngsters are always super fascinated too, but how could they not be?! I mean come on, look at me! Those little ones are blessed as fuck to be able to see my sexy curves in all of their unclothed glory. I really couldn’t care less about being appropriate when it comes to embracing my sexuality!

No Taboos With This Dirty Slut

No taboo phone sexThe hottest thing in a man is when he has absolutely no limits as far as how fucking nasty he’s willing to get with me while we have dirty phone sex together! And when I say no limits, I mean non whatsoever! I love to get fucking filthy and the more freaky you’re willing to get with me, the better! What can I say, i’m a super naughty girl who loves to have a kinky time! It turns me on so fucking much when we have our sexy play together. I guess I was just raised differently than these other lame ass bitches, you know who to come and talk to about all of your wildest fantasies and fetishes! I love to hear all about what you have to say, let’s rolelplay something really wild! I’m gonna lay in front of my mirror and fuck myself as I watch my sexy body orgasm hard for you!

Whipped Cream Mess With My Mom

Blonde phone sexWell, today is Mother’s Day and all my slutty Mom and I have been doing is getting nasty as fuck with one another to celebrate! You know how the saying goes, like mother like daughter, haha that sure applies to the both of us! I have learned a lot of wild shit from her, she’s a horny ass MILF and has been the perfect role model. She has shaped me into the nasty whore that I am today! I went over to her house late last night and we have been going at one another non-stop, licking and sucking all over each other’s pussy, using strap-ons and toys, finger fucking ourselves until we cum everywhere! Freaky phone sexMy Mom loves whipped cream a lot, just like me! We love to incorporate it into our sex play too, so fucking hott! When she had babies, she had a c-section, so her pussy is still tight as ever! There’s nothing like a mature pussy that’s still fresh as fuck! There’s something so yummy about eating your own Mother’s pussy too, it’s really an act of love! I wanted to spoil her on her special day so I doused her cunt in half a can of tasty cream! I dove in head first and devoured her! My wet tongue was going wild on her, licking every crevice between her lips, inside and out as I sucked her clean. Whipped cream always tastes so much better when it’s mixed with Mommy pussy juices! She squirted cum all over me, drenching me from head to toe!Big dick sucker

Blackmailed Gangbang Slut

Gangbang whoreThinking back to my 20 man gangbang that I had not too long ago really makes me horny as fuck! My pussy gets so wet just remembering how much hot gooey cum I had dripping out of my tight holes. Literally every hole was oozing with baby batter! I had a boyfriend at the time of my gangbang and he had no idea that I decided to partake in such a slutty fuck fest! My boyfriend’s best friend somehow obtained photos of me while getting fucked in the gangbang and he threatened to show them to my boyfriend unless I rode my pussy on his face and fucked him! I couldn’t believe that this mother fucker was blackmailing me! I definitely didn’t want my boyfriend to see the photos so I squatted my pussy and ass on top of his friend’s scruffy face and rode him hard while he shoved his big wet tongue in and out of my wet slit! My clit was fucking throbbing in his mouth as he shoved my head down on to his thick cock. I sucked and gagged all over him while he skull fucked my face balls deep. He flipped me around and inched his long dick inside of my ass, ripping open my hole as he plunged deep in and out of me. My ass juices and some blood were splashing all over him as he fucked me! He shoved his cock back in my mouth and made me lick him clean while I deepthroated his shaft. He busted his fat load and I guzzled and slurped down every last drop! He promised he wouldn’t show my boyfriend the photos after that, haha!

Drugged Out Whore

Druggy phone sexWho doesn’t love to get fucked up and get naughty as fuck?! I know that I sure do! I’ve always been a wild party animal, i’ll never say no to anything! Gotta try everything at least once, twice if it’s fun! People can tend to think that i’m an out of control druggy bitch, well, they’re not far from wrong! I love getting nasty as fuck while i’m all drugged out and fucked up. It’s best when I have a sexy girlfriend with me to have fun with, plus we take care of one another while we’re having our dirty fun! I love racking up lines of blow all over her titties and snorting up every last speck! I scoop up the excess residue and smear it all over my gums to make them numb, fuck that shit feels so good! She loves to do lines off of my pussy, snorting it off of each lip! She eats me out after she snorts it all up, it’s the icing on the cake when she does! It feels so fucking good to get pleasured while feeling numb and having an adrenaline rush! I’m such a filthy, slutty little whore!

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