You First or Me?

Stripper Sex StoriesShe’s already stripping the moment he closes the door. Her head is fuzzy, her heart’s pounding, she doesn’t remember what she told her parents she was doing tonight but she knows she lied and that’s good enough. She’s slow about it, rocking her hips while her pink skirt slides down her thin long legs. She takes her panties off even slower, keeping eye contact and rolling her tongue over her lips while pushing them down and revealing her naughty bald pussy. She’s her uncle’s girl tonight, and she can already feel his balls slapping against her clit before he’s even ready to fuck her from behind. He’s not, not yet, he wouldn’t neglect her of the privilege of stripping him herself first. He also wouldn’t forget to let her stroke him full and suck the cum right out of his dirty cock. For now, she takes off her schoolgirl top, unbuttons her catholic uniform one tight knit button at a time, tosses her undershirt and reveals her round tits and perky nipples for what they are. “Do you want to suck them first or should I get sucking?” She can’t help but ask. Her heart is beating so fast.

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