Trick Turning Trixie

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I figured out that an easy way to make some fat stacks of greenbacks is to sell stripper sex porn online, so when I’m not pleasing all the cocks who wander into my trailer park, I’m hanging out at strip clubs looking for some hot young starlets to feature in my salacious sex vids!  I never leave a nudey joint without some young junk juicing Judy to film and exploit, but the hot little totty I picked up over the weekend is about to make me more money than any of the others ever have!

Tiny Trixie has only been dancing for dollars for a few months now, but you wouldn’t know it by seeing her move.  I knew by the way she expertly handled the pole on stage that she’d be able to do the same in the sack.  When she was done shaking her stuff and collecting her bucks, I approached her with my pussy pounding porn producing proposition.  That cock hungry slut didn’t hesitate one bit to agree, the excitement in her eyes was so cute!  She really is a fucking doll.

After her shift, I brought her back to my trailer where I knew I’d have a line of men lurking in the shadows waiting for me to return home.  I didn’t want to scare her away with a grisly gangbang right off, so I only let a couple of them in to provide the penetrating portion of her first ever porn scene.  She was amazing, as expected, pretty much directing all of the action herself.  Trixie obviously knows what the camera wants to see and was not afraid to provide the sexy, slit stretching scenery for all to enjoy.  She made certain that her tiny holes were all used and abused before she let them cum all over her pretty, petite face.  I know it’s a hot ass scene, the way she handled those cocks made me rub my wet pussy the entire time I filmed it!

I was shocked to learn that Tiny Trixie had never turned any tricks before now.  I mean, I don’t know if you’re keeping track, but the horny hogs in my movies are all Johns who can’t wait for some scandalous fuck action, so I make money off of those pay for pussy players on the front end and the horny, laptop loving junk jerkers who hit up my site on the back end.  I can’t lose!  And with me showing her the ropes, neither can Trixie.

I managed to talk her into joining my lustful lineup of lurid ladies of the night.  That skinny little stripper was actually pretty excited at the prospect of selling her snatch to strangers, I don’t think there’s anything I could throw at this bubby little bitch that could shock her!  We’ll find out, though.


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    Fucking hottest and nastiest bitch here/

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