Work break

Anal sex whoreI love my new job because I have the best private break room to myself. I get a couple breaks a day,  and I spend a lot of time In my private break room. I have even made it part of my style with all the cute accents I have brought. I have some electronics them and some cool gadgets to entertain myself. I brought my favorite dildo so I can fuck my ass hole like the anal sex where I am. I love riling myself up at work and looking at porn while I get a couple of minutes to myself. I like to have a lot of people around when I go on my break; Something is exciting about the riskiness of the whole thing. I love going in sometimes I even leave the door to unlock and start rubbing my pussy with a big dildo, and  I fuck my cunt hard. I like playing with my clit as I get soaking wet and start to hit my g spot all on my own. I have gotten pretty good at cumming over and over again while on break.

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