Fill Me Up With BBC Cum

creampie slutI fucking love it when black guys cum in me. They always leave a heavy load of that hot sticky jizz that I crave.  I never ever let them pull out.  Well, unless it’s so they can nut all over my face.  I love getting facials too.  This afternoon was so fucking hot.  I had to go get a new tire and the guy at the tire shop was fucking hot.   He had long dreads, which I love.  I made sure to accidentally on purpose drop my phone so I could bend over and he could see my ass and the fact that I wasn’t wearing panties.  As soon as I stood up and turned to make sure he was looking, he grabbed ahold of what looked like an eggplant in his pants.  I almost fell over.  I had to have that.  I smiled and licked my lips.  He took me to the employee bathroom and gave my greedy pussy the beating it needed.  God, my insides are sore, but he filled up my greedy cunt.  Just what I needed.

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