White trash stripper Aurora gets her fill.

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Tonight I tried something new. While I was on break at my waitress job, I walked across the street to the strip club. We were running low on small bills and I know they were bound to have some. It was the funniest thing. I walked in wearing my very short waitress skirt and men turned around to look. I guess they assumed that I was part of an act. The manager stepped up. “I love your costume. We are so glad to have you tonight. Two girls were no shows.” He escorted me up to the pole and introduced me as Flo, the slutty waitress. The music started and what was I supposed to do? I grabbed the pole and began to gyrate. It just came natural and I began to strip, slowly revealing my huge perky tits and tiny thong. I pretended to finger my pussy and the crowd went wild. The men were mesmerized as I came down into the crowd and started lap dancing. I rubbed my tits all over the men and ground my ass into their cocks. They eagerly stuffed bills into my thong as they copped a few feels. A few times my fingers grazed a cock and I felt their hardness. I wanted to unzip those pants and fuck them in front of everyone.

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After an hour I said goodbye only to be approached by a well dressed man. He asked me to join him in the VIP room for a private session. I milked his balls as he moaned with pleasure. I wonder if he has any idea that he just fucked the mouth of a lot lizard. I giggled to myself as I left with a hundred dollar bill plus about $500 in tips. Cum is cum. I’ll take it from any man, rich or poor, young or old. It all pays the bills.  

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