Trailer Park Exhibitionism

I was outside today, power washing my trailer, wearing some booty shorts and a bikini top. I had my hair pulled up, and my muscles were all flexing and stretching as I moved. After I finished about half the trailer, I realized that someone was watching me, and I glanced behind me. Sure enough, there was a tall, thin man watching every move I made. I kept working, staying aware of his proximity to my position with every movement I made.

When I was almost finished with the trailer, I felt him start walking toward me. I waited to see what he would say or do, and I was not disappointed. He walked directly up behind me, and he asked me quietly if I wanted a little help getting finished. I said I wouldn’t mind a hand, and I felt his hands encompass my own around the hose and sprayer. His body pressed up against mine from behind, and I felt his raging hard-on. My own cock stirred to life as his muscles flexed and moved in time with my own, and his cock throbbed steadily against my tight ass.

Just about the time I finished with the trailer and started to turn the sprayer and hose off, his hands firmed up on mine as he requested that I keep working. As I did, his hands released my own and moved to cup my ass. He pushed my shorts to the side, baring my sphincter for the world to see if he hadn’t been behind me. I felt a couple of fingers slip into my ass, and they were moist, so I assumed he’d licked them. He flexed them a few times, then removed them. The next thing I felt was his cock sliding into me. The size of him had me gasping. He wasn’t the longest I’ve had, but he was THICK. It felt like a beer can sliding into my ass. He fucked me long and hard as we moved along the trailer still spraying the already clean span of it. We both came hard, and then carried it inside, where he continued to fuck me on my couch.Trailer trash whore

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