toilet sex for drugs or money

toilet sex

I love trading my pussy for drugs. If you have Meth, coke, fake, pills, or weed I’ll let you fuck me. I’ll also fuck you for money. What ever you have to offer for my sweet fuck hole.  If your broke and clean don’t bother lol. If you have something to offer I will be all yours. I’ll be a damn good dirty hoe for you. I’ll suck your cock for hours. I love getting Fucked in my ass. That will cost you though. Lol. Maybe a quarter gram of dope? Or a quarter ounce of weed? What you got baby, cause I am ready to trade. I’ll let you fuck my tight wet cunt as hard and fast as you want. I’ll let you face fuck me and make me choke on that big veiny cock until I puke all over it. I’ll lick up my mess and make sure you love every moment of it. Would you like to Shit in my mouth? Of course it will cost you. Give me a nice golden shower after you have used me up like that nasty Fucking drug whore I am. When you are done destroying me just get up and leave. That’s the way I like it. Make me feel like a used up hoe. Use me , abuse me, then leave. Don’t forget baby, I get the drugs first. That way I know your not playing me.

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