Ive been sick but love eating shit still

Its been a hell of a week. I have been sick and had the shits all week.. But on a positive note I have a paper cup in the bathroom for my special sauce. I have not been able to keep anything down. But what I shit out keeps me nurtured. I love the taste it is tangy. I didn’t think I was going to like diarrhea but its like drinking a smoothie. The only problem is as I sit there shitting out my meal, I get turned on by my asshole trying to squeeze out every ounce and I feel like I am pushing but it hurts cause I have nothing left to shit. I want that last juicy ounce to drink. I must stay hydrated. It would be great if my boyfriend was here and sick with me because then I would just use his asshole like an ice cream dispenser and I would never run out of soft serve.Scat phone sex Auroral

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