Toilet Sex

toilet sexI was arrested for public intoxication last night. I had to sit in the drunk tank all night long. The officer on duty is a bitch. She made me strip down naked and sit on the cold metal bench. She was in my face screaming at me. She is also a lesbian because she kissed me hard and grabbed my tits. She made me spread my legs open and lay down. I didn’t have a choice but to listen to her. Plus I’m always ready to fuck haha. She took her baton and shoved it into  my snatch. She left it deep inside me as she stripped down naked. It was stretching my pussy open but was actually turning me on. She got on top of me and pissed on my stomach. She smacked me and told me I was a trashy slut. I spit at her face. She took the baton and started ramming it into me over and over. I hurt so bad. I screamed in pain and pleasure. She sat on my face and made me eat her cunt. I gave it all I had. Eating that pussy until she came all over me. She removed the baton and hit my ass with it a few times. I was drunk so the pain didn’t affect me. I love how even getting arrested I get my sex fix.

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