the trade

phone sex line meganDamn my cheer leading coach caught me snorting up a line again today. So I already know what is going to have to happen now. As always when I get in trouble at school or anywhere there is always a price to pay. I went into the coaches office, and his pants where already off. I walked over still in my cheer leading outfit and I slipped off my panties. He pulled out a tray full of coke and we snorted a couple lines. Then he said, ” Megan, you know that you can’t snort my coke and get in trouble at school for free right”? So I got on my knees in front of his hard cock and I started throat fucking his dick. I know he likes it sloppy. So I spit on his balls and make them all nice and wet. He grabs my head and shoves his dick down my throat making me gag all over it. I love when he uses me like the coke slut I am. Then I sit up on his desk facing him opening my legs to expose my creamy little cunny for him. He slides his throbbing cock into me as I am thrusting my hips back at him to push it even deeper. He is pulling my neck to get closer to me and then he whispers in my ear, “If you come satisfy daddy on a regular basis, you can have all the coke you want”. So to make sure he was satisfied, I laid him across his desk then climbed on top of him and sat slowly down on his ragging hard cock and then bounced my ass up and down making him curl his toes in delight. It didn’t take long till my little cunt was full of his thick load!

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