Cheat Day

hot stripper sexI work out 5 times a week just to keep my sexy body tight but once every Saturday night I allow myself a cheat day! This week I decided on a pizza and I’m so glad I did. A sexy stud of a man was standing at my door ready to take my money. I reached in my bra and tugged warm bills from between my bouncy tits. His eyes were glued on my melons as he tried to hold back his erection. Little did he know that I’m a skanky ebony slut and tonight he was going to get to slip and slide in my wet slit. I pulled him by his manhood into my bedroom where i took off my robe. His eyed followed my sexy curved and his dick thumped as he gazed at my round plump ass. I bent over and spread my ass cheeks so he could see my slick hone glaze coochie was ready for his cock. When he put his dick in my hole I covered it with my creamy pussy juice. He didn’t stop fucking me doggy style until he was about to cum. He wanted to titty fuck this horny pizza loving skank and blow his load all over my tits – so that’s what he did. I caught his cum in my face and in my mouth. He loved being inside this juicy snatch so much I bet he’s looking forward to my next cheat day more than I am!

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