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Pissing Sex Games With Strangers

Pissing sexGoogle maps estimated that my trip would take approximately 3 hours and 42 minutes. “Perfect,” I thought, as I downed my extra large hot coffee and chased it with a huge sip of Poland Springs. I knew my bladder would be ready to burst by the time I arrived. That was the entire point. Our entire dynamic is simple. I’m your slutty, hot water sport playmate. Outside of our pissy play dates we have zero communication and that’s exactly how we like it. I enjoy getting those random text alerts showing your location. Each time you take me further and further out. You want to know exactly how much my bladder can take before I can’t hold it anymore. You want to be there when I finally am free to relieve myself. You know how much it turns me on to push my urethra to its limits by holding in my warm golden delicious tea for hours on end. You love the scent of my musty pussy, piss-holding pussy. My hot golden shower rains down on you as you kneel and bow to my pissy pussy. You shoot your huge creamy load high in the air as you taste my pissy cum cocktail. Game over! We both are the water sport winners today!

Flo the Hoe

I love being the trailer park hoe. I have many nick names around here. Flo the Hoe being my favorite. I love doing all cock!!  I love the fact that everybody here knows I am the trailer park hoe, I will do anything you want.  You can piss on me.   Fuck any hole. I will be your little submissive hoe. Put a collar on me walk me around like a doggy bitch. Let your furry friends have their way with me.  It does not matter do any thing you want. And if I am bad go ahead punish me make your good little bitch.  There is nothing I will not do for cock.  Just being near cock makes my cunt sloppy wet.  My holes are open, wet and ready for all your cocks.  Come ride on this hoe.White trash phone sex