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Taboo Phonesex Means We Can Talk About Anything

taboo phonesexTaboo phonesex means we can talk about anything. I am shock proof. Nothing is off limits to me. Not even my own little slutkins. I love talking about my family. I even enjoy sharing my family with you horny men. I have three sons, three daughters and two adopted daughters. They all have tight holes too. Most of my callers want to talk about the young pussy I have at home and I understand that. The lure of Lolita sex is strong. Daddy and I make bank off our young sluts’ tight, pink holes too, but sometimes I get calls for my sons. I will confess I love talking about my boys, especially my youngest son. He looks much younger than he is because of his hairless, soft  body. My baby boy is a surfer.  I think, over the years, that the sand has eroded his hair follicles. He has no hair on his back or his chest. And he still has a hairless cock and balls. Unlike his brothers, he has a sift body too. He has no interest in working out. He is the perfect boy for a P trashy milf like me, and even P men like you. From behind, you cannot tell if my boy is a girl or a boy. He has long hair for a boy, and soft features. He looks like a young boy, not a teenager. He is my favorite. I do not tell my other boys and girls that though. Most of my callers want to talk about all the young pussy I have in the house, but I like to talk about my sons too. I know I love a tight boy ass. Do you? No shame in admitting that you find a young boy attractive. I know I do. A soft, hairless boy is an P person’s wet dream cum true. I do a lot of naughty and unconventional things with my baby boy. He is so submissive that I can do anything to him. That means you can do anything to him too. My phone sex line is open, and we can talk about anyone and anything.

A Cum Guzzling Slut Never Has A Full Belly

Cum Guzzling Slut

I have been obsessed with male ejaculation for as long as I can remember. Truly I am quite the cum guzzling slut. Always on the hunt for ball barf any way that I can get it. That is what makes me such a good whore. My consistent hunger for male buttermilk is something that can hardly be matched. When I was younger I would dress as scandalously as I could so that I could get thick cream from men who wanted to use me. I would sell myself to boys my age just so that I could be covered in their fun gel all over my sweet little face. 

When I work the streets receiving the gentleman’s relish is my only wish. I am willing to work as hard as I have to so that I can receive their happy trails of thick erectoplasm down my eager whore throat. There is no limit to the number of jons I can take care of in an evening either. Nor is there a limit to the quantity of liquid silk loads I can suck down my gob at once either. In fact, depending on how hungry my man chowder gobbling throat is you might be able to score yourself a group discount. 

My night is not complete unless I have filled my quota of jizz required to make my small figure look impregnated. However, it will not be a strong swimmer that made it from some man’s nut butter into my uterus. No, it will be from a full belly of man seed that has been stuffed down my windpipe till it is practically coming out of my ears. Penis colada is all I want to relax on the weekends. I am a true lover of warm, thick, ropes of pole milk and I couldn’t be prouder. The perfect gutter slut for you to give all your jizz to.