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Big Dick Sucker on Black Friday

big dick suckerBeing a big dick sucker means I have a voracious appetite. I stuffed my mouth with all sorts of great food yesterday. I ate enough food to last me a few days, which means today I woke up hungry for only one thing: cock. While other women were out shopping to get the best deals, I was sucking their husbands’ cocks. I have this tradition on Black Friday. No, its not black cock. I can get black cock any time I want. Many women on the right side of the tracks don’t drive. They are spoiled rich bitches. Either they Uber to the sales, they have personal drivers or their husband’s drive them to the stores at the crack of dawn. I troll the parking lots of Best Buy, Target, Macy’s…. staple stores like that. The lots are always full of men sitting in their cars for hours waiting on women to finish shopping. I knock on the window and spread good cheer in the form of free head or a titty fuck. If they have a big dick and don’t mind car fucking, I offer up my pussy. It helps pass their time, and it helps me work off all that food I ate on Thanksgiving. I took about 12 loads of cum in the parking lot of Best Buy, but I struck gold at Macy’s. Not only did I blow a lot of cock, I made some tips. Even though I was not there for the money, many men felt the need to tip me for my random act of kindness. I made a lot more money than any Salvation Army store bell ringer I am sure. I came home looking like a cum dumpster, but I had holiday money I was not even expecting. Best Black Friday ever. Tonight, I will get some big black cock and cover the Black part of today.