Surprising Sex with a Stranger

big dick sucker hot MILFI was winding down from a wild party weekend by attempting to be a domesticated goddess. I have some skills outside the bedroom, but I am more Linda Lovelace than Betty Crocker. I was taking my cherry pie out of the oven when someone knocked on my door. My new neighbor Henrietta wanted to introduce herself to me, and complain about my party this weekend. Not the way I like to meet people, but if she was complaining about the noise of my party in a trailer park, I knew I threw one hell of a bash.

I wasn’t sorry; I like to have a good time. Sue me. But, in the spirit of community, I apologized, said it doesn’t happen often and invited her in for pie. Something about Henrietta excited me. Within minutes of talking to her, my panties were wet and I was about to go get my strap on and suggest we get better acquainted in my bedroom. Normally, I need to be drunk or high before I get my dyke on, but she was hot in a domme sort of way and well, I was still horny as fuck from my weekend.

shemale phone sex big dick trannyI’m never one to hold her tongue so I was blunt with Henrietta. “Wanna fuck? I have a nice double sided dildo I’ve been itching to use.” She gave me a smile, stood up, and said, “Oh, we won’t need that honey.” She pulled her panties down, and I got the surprise of my life. My sexy new neighbor was a dude. I guess the politically correct term is shemale or tranny. No wonder I was wet when I met her. She was packing some serious heat in her pretty little panties. My new neighbor was a chick with a dick, a BIG dick at that.

cum dumpster big titsThe big dick sucker I am, fell to my knees and worshiped that cock. He was getting a slice of my pie and much more! I slurped, gulped and gagged until every inch of his hard dick was down the back of my throat. “You like my tranny dick don’t you slut,” Henrietta asked. I made nothing but garbled noises as I had way more than a mouthful. Soon, I was bent over my kitchen island getting fucked in my cunt and ass by my neighbor. Nothing says nice to meet ya in a trailer park like a load of spunk up both your fuck holes.

Henrietta and I got acquainted all day long.I gave her cherry pie, she gave me cream pie! I think I’m gonna like my new neighbor ALOT. She’s a he; the best of both worlds.

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