Stripper Ignores Restrictions For Big Dick

Stripper sex storiesMy club has finally started allowing private dances again which is bringing back in some of my familiar regulars. The only downfall is due to restrictions we aren’t suppose to touch or remove our mask. This isn’t normally a problem as a lot of these guys coming in haven’t exactly been appealing down below. That was until big dick Joe graced my private room this afternoon. He knew what he wanted, walking in, sitting down, and immediately taking out his fat dick. Making it hard and standing at an impressive twelve inch with a juicy fat girth. “Bitch suck it” he spat, throwing a wad of cash in my direction. I’m certainly not a dumb slut, getting on my knees using my mouth for what it’s really good for. Tongue sliding up, down, getting his fat dick nice and wet. No complaint when he grabs a bunch of my hair and forces me down onto it. Shoving his fat cock down my throat, feeling faint with the restriction to my air flow. Turned on by the stretching in my throat, feeling the throbbing of his cock. Knowing he is about to bust “Get ready blonde bitch” he grunts pulling me off just enough so he can watch his head shoot into my mouth. The cum fills my mouth, a bit overflows and dribbles down my chin. “Bitch swallow” he demands intensely watching for his request to be fulfilled before getting up and leaving me on my knees. The taste of his cum and cock was all I tasted for the rest of the night.

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