Snowed In

I got snowed in with my neighbor, he came over to help with somethings and I wanted to thank him with dinner but we had a huge snow storm and got stuck in. I was excited about it because I knew I turned him on every time he saw me, he would get a hard-on I could see the big print on his pants. I came out of my room naked, I apologized and told him since we are stuck in, we should get comfortable. I right away started taking his pants off. My cunt was already wet and dripping. I started sucking the head of his hard cock it was so big I had to open wide. I liked the precum while playing with his balls, I went deeper and deeper picturing it sliding in my wet pussy. He pulled my head up and bent me over, sliding his tongue in my ass the more I moan the harder he licked. Then I felt it his big cock head poking at my asshole, I knew what was coming next and before I could get ready, he shoved his fat cock in my ass, as he fucked my ass hard opening it up, he spanked me and called me his filthy slut told me how he will be filling my ass whenever he wants before I knew it, he bit me on my back grunted out loud filling my ass up with spurts of hot cum!  


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