A Valentine’s Date With You

dirty phone sexYou know what I want for Valentine’s Day baby? A cum filled cunt. Think you might be able to help this whore out? So, let me go ahead and plan our date out. First, I must make an appointment to get a wax. I want it all off. My cunt will be so smooth, and my ass will give easy access to your beast of a cock. A little sexy lingerie, dress and matching heels and I will be ready to go. Pick me up with flowers and take me to a nice restaurant. You know the ones with linen tablecloths. The ones that hang down so I can pull your cock from your pants and stroke you under the table. Every so often leaning into you and licking the precum from your mushroom head. Where you can stick your hand up my dress and finger my soft smooth cunt until you feel my juices flow on your fingers. Then put them in my mouth and let me suck off my cum. Next it is time to go to that nice hotel room you booked for us. I walk in to find flowers on the bed and chilled champagne waiting and some toys. I slip out of my dress and you drop your pants as I unbutton your shirt. I kiss your chest as you grab my tits firmly. You push me to the floor, and I open my mouth. Kissing your thighs and sucking on your balls before deep throating you. You fill my mouth with your warm cum and lift me, taking me in to a passionate kiss. You taste your cum on my tongue and guide me to the bed. Removing my clothes, you lay me on my back and spread my legs. Now baby, it is time to pick up that phone and continue this roleplay with some dirty phone sex. I will be waiting.

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