Star War Cum Wars

Anal Cum Dumpster

Is there anything hotter than the Star Wars Saga? Fuck no! It is filled with aliens and Hans Solo, who is hot as fuck and not to mention slave bitch Leia. I could go on and on about how my gammy used to watch it with us and I would pretend like my box was the Millennium Falcon. Sometimes I would wear it over my head and “beep boo boo beep,” around the living room like a little R2D2. I would have to say of all of the characters the villains were always my favorite. The top was Darth, with his shiny giant helmet that I would picture running into my pussy while he had me in a force choke.

Blonde Fucking I was set to be dressed in my gold slave Leia bikini just like I did every year. Imagine my surprise when this year I was approached by a stranger with tattoos and the sexiest Darth helmet on. He even had one of those voice synthesizers that made him sound just like my villainous prince. He greeted me not with a force choke but his real hand gripped around my neck. I had no idea who the fuck this guy was, but he was hot as fuck and I was his. He shoved me onto the couch and ordered me to call him daddy. I screamed out “Darth you are my daddy,” as he began to play with my pussy. I whimpered and he stood up shoving his cock into my mouth. It felt so good as he used my head for his pleasure.

Big Dick Sucker He fucked me every which way, even propping me against the counter. I stretched my leg up over his whimpered when he bent me over shoving his cock deep into my ass hole. He ordered me to stretch my ass hole wide open and with a “yes father,” I certainly did. When he was ready to but he shoved me down and I sucked the cum right from him. It tasted so good against my tongue. He told me I was a good little whore and got up to leave. I asked him who he was and he replied back with “Cindy, i..am…you..father,” and left out the door. When I went to the door there was a line of Star Wars characters waiting for their turn, a Hans, a Wookie and even a C-3PO. A smile came across my face. I was a good little Star Wars trailer trash whore and I was going to have a blast let the cum wars begin!

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