May the Force Be with You and In You!

gangbang whore dirty MILFWhen you are a gangbang whore, you do anything for cock. Today is May 4th, and for Star Wars fans like my brats, that mean’s today is “May the Fourth Be with You,” day. Star Wars geeks dress up and celebrate the movies, including my daughters. I decided to capitalize on their love for all things Star Wars, by hosting a Cosplay Orgy. I have plenty of male friends who want to put their lightsabers into my young daughters’ wookies. Lots of horny dirty P Stormtroopers out there! I dressed my girls as naughty Princesses Leias, turned my living room in to a Sarlaac Pit, brought out top end party favors, and let dirty men give my girls their force.

orgy phone sex incestMy daughters , of course, didn’t understand the true nature of my party. They thought it was just a regular costume party, not a dirty Star Wars orgy. I let them have some nose candy to loosen them up. I wanted my youngest daughter to meet Darth Vader and his big chocolate lightsaber. I forced her to suck it. Darth filled her young mouth up and covered her in jizz. She looked so pretty doused in intergalactic cum. Of course there were several Darth Vaders in attendance, all with huge jet black lightsabers. Darth Vader and his army have the biggest lightsabers on the planet. My littlest princess spread her wookie and let them all implode their loads up inside her tight pink cunnie. I cleaned up those jizz loads, and my did they taste out of this world. “There’s an awful lot of moisture in here,” I said channeling Hans Solo as I licked up every drop of cum.

trashy milf cosplay funMy oldest daughter didn’t need any assistance. She was entertaining Hans and Luke all on her own. She was jacking their hard rods getting jet blasted with cum. Before long, my youngest was helping her and my two princesses were getting gang banged Star Wars style. Seeing them with lightsabers in every little tiny hole made me so wet. After every load of cum was dumped inside them, the men said, “May my force be with you,” They had a gallon of force a piece it looked like. Stormtroopers invaded their back doors, their pussies and their mouths. But they have very resilient little wookies. They were little Jedi warriors handling such a large Star Wars invasion in their fuck holes.

Personally, I love cosplay parties. They are the perfect cover to bring little ones into your dirty sexy world. My daughters and my guests had a real blast dressing up as their favorite Star Wars character and fucking. And I really enjoyed watching my sweet young girls get their fuck holes invaded. Perhaps you would like to invade them too?

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