Sexy Prostitutes Stay Busy During the Holiday Season, Even the Boys

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes stay busy during the holiday season. This is our busy time of year. From Thanksgiving to the New Year, our little sluts will have dates. Even my boys are booked solid too. Some are with daddies who appreciate a young boy ass, but some are with milfs like me who enjoy a sweet young son experience. Last night my youngest son and I were hired by a rich widow. She was like a rich Beverly Hills trophy wife who inherited a ton of money when her husband passed. She never had little ones because she was forbidden to get pregnant. Her oil magnate husband did not want any more brats fighting over his fortune when he was gone. She was his 5th wife. So, she decided to hire a young boy to give her the mommy experience. She wanted a trashy milf there to help guide her. She did not need my advice, however. This old broad had played a mother son seduction in her head so many times that she knew just what she was doing. My youngest boy is very submissive. He loves older women. Older men too. His two brothers are more alpha males, but my baby is my beta boy. He licked her pussy and ass. He let her explore his young beautiful, hairless body with her hands and mouth. He ended up riding her old hairy pussy. You do not see many hairy snatches these days. She was older than me, but not by more than a decade. I will always have a smooth snatch. My son got into it though. It was his first hairy mommy pussy. When the client wanted to have hardcore anal sex, my son did not object. Turns out she wanted to fuck his ass instead of the other way around and that was perfect for him. He loves it in the ass. It is going to be a busy but profitable holiday season for me and my family of whores.

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