Cum Ride The Blossom Express!

Cum Guzzling Slut

I love being a bad bitch who will do any nasty thing that comes into my perverted mind! Just last night I was walking home from the strip club when I noticed a car following me slowly, most girls would be freaked out but not me! I walked right up to that car and told them I wanted to party, the three Latino guys inside were thrilled at the idea of taking me home! We rented a motel room and bought some liquor and a little meth to get the party started. I stripped for them and told them to get their cocks out because I needed a load of cum in my wet twat. I saw that they got hard instantly and I began to suck each cock nice and sloppy. I was getting my face fucked and my cunt licked when I felt the first big brown dick sliding inside my dirty asshole. My cunt was a sloppy mess full of cum by the time the sun came up and I stumbled home. Those three amigos got the ride of their life on the blossom express train!

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