Hookers for Hire Chicks with Dicks

When it comes to Hookers for hire you don’t often know exactly what to expect. With me you see a sexy babe with nice tits, a sweet ass and a pretty face. Well, and of course my smokin body is hard to resist. I will be puffing on a long slender girly cigarettes’ held between some sexy long fingers with the sexiest nails.

My demeaner is feminine and my walk really makes that cock throb. My smile will make you melt especially when its wrapped around a nice big throbbing cock. You see I have skills and you really want my number. We hook up and you are so damned hard for me. Then the secret gets revealed and you will not get away so easily. Don’t be shy and just succumb to me and be my faggot cock sucker just for the night. Come on lover I have great tits.

Hookers for Hire

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