sexy prostitutes in jail

sexy prostitutes


I was arrested for a PI. Now I am sitting in jail. My cell mate is a little scary looking. She said she is in for standing on the corner. An undercover picked her up. She tells me how pretty I am. She starts to rub on my leg. My white trash pussy becomes wet from her touch. She can tell because she starts to undress me. She doesn’t even give me a choice. She strips me down then strips down herself. She stands me up and kisses me as her hand slides down to my tight bald cunt. She begins to finger my hot wet pussy. I lay down on the metal framed bed and spread open my soaking wet cunt. She bends down and starts licking my clit. My pussy is so fucking wet for her. You can tell she is a professional by how she almost instantly makes my hot box squirt out my rain water. She buries her face deep into my sloppy cunt. Making me squirt my juices over and over. She fingers me the whole time. It feels so fucking amazing. She pleasures me until the guards walk in to serve dinner. They all catch a sight when they walk in.

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