I need to stay hydrated, keep that piss and shit coming

One of my favorite fuck buddies has been feeling under the weather lately. I must have given him the stomach flu that I had a while back. We were scheduled to  meet up for some scat and piss play but he called me whining about how he did not feel good. I told him I was on my way over. I got  there and told him I still wanted to have some fun. I love playing with my cit when it is covered in smooth clay like shit, I sure was not going to pass up the opportunity to play with my clit in a watery lube like diarrhea water fall play land.

Scat phone sex Aurora

I know what its like when I had the shits and the way it sprays out of your ass hole like a watering hole sounded like too much fun to pass up. I had him strip down and put his ass hole up in the air, while I danced around naked in the magical ass hole fountain of shit as it sprayed all over me. I even had him add some warm golden pissing showers of gold to the mix. I felt like I was in an amusement park. I got off multiple times, cleaned it up and gave him some soup, went home after I had a one hell of a fun day.

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