Sexy Prostitutes Have the Most Interesting Lives

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes have the most interesting lives. Lucrative ones too. Sure, my husband makes great money with his business. And I do not do too shabby for a phone whore with nothing but a GED. The real money though is in prostitution. It is the world’s oldest profession. And I am an old hooker. I have three daughters who are all hookers too. And my adopted ones are whores or whores in training. I am a good, anything goes hooker, but I am in my early 40s. I cannot command the high price that my Lolita whores can. My husband and I are always planning for the future because these past few years have shown us that anything can happen anytime, and the bottom could fall out. If my phone sex line stops being profitable or my husband’s job becomes obsolete, we need money to keep avoiding our lavish lifestyle. Sex will always sell. Men will always want hookers, especially tender age ones. Last night was a busy night for us all. We all had dates, even my youngest son. He has quite a few daddies who love to fuck his tight ass. My older two boys are not into guys, but if a milf wants to hire them, they are all in. My baby boy is bisexual, but he loves cock more than pussy. I do not judge because I love my offspring unconditionally, but I also know that his little tight boy butt makes us bank. I had to do some creative juggling last night to get us all to our dates on time. When I was done playing house with Tony my client, I paid a visit to the man who hired my son, the teen anal whore. He wanted me to suck his cum out of my son’s ass. Not a problem for this creampie loving dirty momma. I sucked it out and snowballed it with him. When I got home, all three girls were home already with holes full of cum for my son and I to eat out. Busy night for a family of whores.

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