Fingers are never enough for Amara’s Hungry Cunt!

Fisting whore

Amara Says Fingers Are Not Enough 

I know most men think foreplay consists of clumsily sticking a finger or two inside of my pussy. Now, if you actually know me you know I am a kinky little slut. Honestly one or two fingers is never going to fill my gaping hole. Which is why I am a dirty little Fisting whore. 

Squeeze your fingers together and slide it in. The deeper you go the more you can stretch those fingers inside of that fucking cunt. Start to twist your fingers back and forth and you worm your hand deeper and deeper. Feel that wet slick pussy grab your hand as you get past your knuckles. Do not stop, you are not deep enough yet. 

To be honest, I want your entire hand inside of that slit. Go to your wrist. Fuck that feels so fucking good. Now do you want to see just how deep you can get. 

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