Sexy Prostitutes Fulfill Fantasies

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes are hired for all kinds of reasons, even sexy milf whores like me.  A couple days ago, this mommy whore was hired to be a French maid to a rich man and his son. My husband knows the dad, so they were vetted. I wore a latex outfit per their request. You might be surprised, but this is a common fetish for men, especially men over 40. Daddy was 65 and his son was in his 30s. I did clean their place. I likely did not do a great job though. I am not very domesticated. We have our own help. But I looked sexy as fuck cleaning up after their own maid. The house did not need much work. I was wondering what was going on after a couple hours of them just watching me clean. They were not even touching their cocks yet. Finally, at 2.5 hours, the dad spoke to me. He said something about cleaning under his balls. I giggled like a schoolgirl because it was so cheesy. As I was polishing daddy’s knob, junior cleaned my cunt with his cock. Sneak attack. I was so engrossed in sucking daddy’s cock and balls that I forgot his son was in the room. His cock was big and way stiffer than daddy’s. I was hired for a daddy son threesome. Those are my favorite next to boy bangs. I love sharing a father and son. The boy was calling me mommy and the father was calling me Jennifer, which I assumed was the late wife. I was helping them with some family fun fantasy that they have possessed for years. I ended up fucked at each end by father and son. They tipped me well and praised my skills. I love taking care of clients’ fantasies on and off my sexline.


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