Sexy Prostitutes Feel Grateful for Pervert Daddies

sexy prostitutes Sexy prostitutes stay busiest around the holidays. You will never hear me say I do not work holidays. I do not think I will ever say that because a family of whores like us make bank on the holidays. Thanksgiving is not even here yet and my daughters and I are giving thanks to pervert daddies daily.

This morning we pretended Thanksgiving came early with a client. Too many daddies want to give thanks to this family of whores that every day this month feels like Thanksgiving to us. Scheduling proved challenging to me this month, but I made it work. And the daddy date we had this morning wore us all out.

I kept my girls home from school, and we went to visit Daddy Dave. He only wants the girls of the family. Some guys only want the girls and not me. Some just want the boys. And even a few want a mixture of both. However, I never judge. We offer something for everyone in this family of hookers for hire. Daddy Dave catered a huge lunch. But we may have worked off all we ate with the fucking. Even a seasoned pro like me struggles to keep up with Daddy Dave when he pops a Viagra.

A Family of Whores Will Always Be Grateful to Pervert Daddies

Even though I doubt he really needs a little blue pill, I think he wants a long erection to take care of me and my three daughters. Unlike many Johns, Daddy Dave makes us cum a few times before he even cums once. He insists on pleasuring us. He loves eating bald little schoolgirl cunnie. I bet you do too even if only in your mind.

However, Daddy Dave even loves to eat trashy milf pussy too. And do not tell my sons or my husband this, but no one eats pussy like Daddy Dave. My daughters agree. We squirted all over his place this morning. I bet his bedroom will smell like schoolgirl pussy for a week. We came on his face, on his fingers and even on his cock. Perhaps this family of whores needs to be thankful for Daddy Dave.

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