Sexline to Party and Share Dirty Experiences

sexlineCall my sexline for taboo fun! I like to think I have a party line. I am usually doing lines of coke or smoking some good weed when I am working. Believe it or not, I am a shy person. I know that is hard to believe because my job is to talk to men all day. I am also a dirty whore and naked on the Internet. I get that it might be hard to understand. I never went to school. I have a GED thanks to my husband. I am self-taught, but I am not as smart as the folks my husband knows. I was raised in the sticks of West Virginia in a dilapidated trailer park. My parents were meth heads and they used me as their cash cow.  I did not know love until I had my own family with my husband. He was one of the Johns that paid for my company as a Lolita whore. He was the nicest of them all. He bought me from my parents, and I was his Au Pair for his sons who are not much younger than me. They are grown now too and out of the house. Now, I am the madam of a bunch of sexy prostitutes and a dirty P mommy. I like to get high and share the dirty details of my youth and as a P mommy. Daddy and I do pimp out our little ones, but they live so much better than I did. They go to school and have friends. They live in a nice house and have college funds. I have no regrets, but I cannot talk about my past or my present with the folks in my husband’s social circle. I would be arrested. This is why I party and talk to strangers who call me for the dirty details. On my phone sex line, I can share the dirty details with men who like young whores like I once was, and my daughters now are.

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