Sexline for the Father Son Experience Found Here

sexlineMy sexline ramped up over the holidays. Although I worked sporadically because I had a house full of horny boys and girls, I managed to party with some callers. And I love long calls where we talk back and forth and party. I can do weed with Cheech and Chong all day long. But I cannot drink. Not well at least, LOL. I got tipsy on Christmas and drank too much wine. I rarely drink, so you could call me a lightweight.

This call started on Christmas but went into the wee hours of yesterday morning. Unlike most callers who wanted to know about the young pussy I have in the house, he wanted to know about my sons. I do not judge on my phone sex line. So, if you like to suck hairless boy peckers and fuck tight boy ass, you are in the right place. My caller did not marry a woman like me. I am sure you can relate to that, right. Most men do not marry women like me.

I Offer the Boy Experience Too

My husband lucked out; I know. And he knows too. While my brood slept, I offered my caller some tight boy ass. He seemed ready too. Since I know every inch of my boys’ bodies, I could describe in intricate detail what he got to fuck and suck. And how it feels to do both. I can make your boy fantasies seem real. Trust me. As a P woman, I enjoy boy fantasies too. However, mine are more realities than fantasies.

My husband never wanted to do anything with our sons. So, I stepped up to the plate. I know how kind of me right, LOL. Well, they could not be left out of the fun. And mommy was not about to be benched either while daddy enjoyed our daughters. My caller got the boy experience. Even though most callers prefer the daughter experience, this trashy milf has three boys for your pleasure too. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, you filthy animals.

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